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Statement Of Dissolution UPA-805 - Illinois

Statement Of Dissolution Form. This is a Illinois form and can be used in Partnership Secretary Of State .
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DO NOT STAPLE FORM UPA-805 Illinois Uniform Partnership Act This space for use by Secretary of State.January 2004 Statement of Dissolution Submit in duplicate. Secretary of State Please type or print clearly. Department of Business Services Limited Liability Division This space for use bySecretary of State. 357 Howlett Building Springfield, IL 62756 Date: 217-785-8960 Assigned File #: Filing Fee:$100 Approved: 1. Partnership name: (Name must be stated exactly as on record with the Secretary of State.) 2. File number: Federal Employer IdentificationNumber: 3. The above-named partnership has dissolved and is winding up its business . I/We declare, under the penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of Illinois, that the foregoing is true, correct and complete. Executed on the of , by a partner. Day Month Year Signature Number, Street Address Name and Title (type or print) City, State, ZIP Signature Number, Street Address Name and Title (type or print) City, State, ZIP Please submit this form in duplicate along with $100 filing fee. Signatures must be in BLACKINK on an original document. American LegalNet, Inc. UPA 11.1 200 October 2004
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