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Reqest For Interpreter MAG 20-29 - Georgia

Reqest For Interpreter Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Criminal Magistrate Court Gwinnett Local County .
 Fillable pdf Last Modified 5/23/2005
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REQUEST FOR INTERPRETE R Date of Request Phone Number Person requesting interpreter LA NGUAGE REQUESTED DATE NEEDED TIME NEEDEDPerson Needing Interpreter Attorney Type of Court Activity: COURTROO M Judge If criminal court activity - CHARGES: Additional Information (case number, estimated length of time, dialect, special needs, etc.): AOC use only: Date Request Received: Name of Interpreter: Contact #: Date Interpreter Contacted: Date of Confirmation to Requesting Party: FAX: for SPANISH - 770-822-8566 for ALL Other Languages - 770-234-0641 Emergency Same D ay: 8574 W:\Magforms & C:\MyFiles\Forms\Request For Interpreter Mag. 20-29
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