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Program Denial Report (Pretrial House Arrest) MAG 95-08 - Georgia

Program Denial Report (Pretrial House Arrest) Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Criminal Magistrate Court Gwinnett Local County .
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PRETRIAL HOUSE ARREST PROGRAM PROGRAM DENIAL REPORT STATE OF GEORGIA vs. _______________________________________________ Warrant Nos: _______________________________ Defendant Inmate No: _______________________________ The Gwinnett County Sheriffs Department and the House Arrest Provider, Professional Probation Services, haveconducted a review of your application to be placed in the Pretrial House Arrest Program. At this time, there was sufficientconcern that you would not be an appropriate candidate for the Pretrial House Arrest Program in its present form. Thereasons include, but are not limited to the following: Serious nature of pending charges Serious nature of past criminal history Rejection of application by District Attorneys Rejection of application by Solicitors office office Rejection of application by House Arrest Rejection of application by present/former Provider probation officer Rejection of application by present/former Rejection of application by judge. parole officer Rejection of application by Gwinnett Sheriffs Failure to provide a suitable living Department arrangements within range of program Unreasonable amount of unpaid prior Failure to provide reasonable plan for probation fees & fines employment Instances of past insolence/bad behavior Opinion that you pose a significant risk of during incarceration. flight. Opinion that you pose a significant threat or Opinion that you pose a significant risk of danger to another, the community or committing a new felony pending trial? property of another. Opinion that you pose a significant risk of Lack of ability to secure transportation to intimidating witnesses or obstructing justice. promote successful completion of program Lack of financial stability to be self Other: supporting on program & pay for monitoring equipment Date: Signature: Printed Name Copies submitted to: [ ] Defendant [ ] Attorney for Defendant W:\Magforms\MAG 95-08 Program Denial
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