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Purchase Of Real Estate Checklist - Georgia

Purchase Of Real Estate Checklist Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Law Practice Management State Bar Of Georgia Statewide .
 Fillable pdf Last Modified 5/19/2005
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PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE CHECKLIST FILE _______________General G Buyer __________________________ Spouse___________________________ Home Address___________________ Phone____________________________ Property Address_________________ Employer_________________________ Seller__________________________ Attorney__________________________ Lender________________ Realtor______________________________________ Purchase Price $___________ Paid Down $___________ Est. Fee $_________ Buyers title: FJt. Ten. FTen. Comm.F _________________________ FFile Opened FMaster list FLetter:____A____B____E____F F Fee Est. to ComputerOFFER G FCopy Received FReviewed FTermite Certificate FPoss. Date______________________ FVacant Lot FNew Construction FClosing Date____________________ FContract Terms: $_______ at ______% FSecondary Financing_____________ Payment $_______Term______ By_______________________ FProrated Taxes to_____ closing____poss $____________at__________% FPersonal Prop.____________________ Payment_________ Term________F ________________________________ F______________________________ F________________________________ABSTRACT G FNeed By_______________________ FOpinion issued on:_________________ FReceived on____________________ FCopies:_______Atty. ______T.O. file FExamined______________________ ________Lender FSummary Prepared_______________FStatus Report to Realtor DATA G FTransfer Tax $__________________ FAssume Closing on:_______________ FMortgage to____________________Per Diem $_________ Principal ____/_____/_____ $______Int.$_________ Total$__________ nd F2 Mortgage to_________________ Per Diem $_________ Principal ____/_____/_____ $______Int.$_________ Total$__________<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 FTaxes Due This Fiscal Year: $_________________ First Half $_________ FPaid FPenalty$_______ = $___________ Second Half $_______ FPaid FPenalty$_______ = $___________ FTax Proration Worksheet Completed FCommission$_______________FTermite Inspection/Treatment $____________ F______________________________ F________________________________ PREPARE TO CLOSE G FClosing Schedule:Date_________ FClosing Statement Place_________ Time___________ _____Drafted ________Atty. Checked By____Realtor______Us: _____Typed Final Copies to: ____Client _____Atty. ______Client ______File (3) ____Lender______Realtor ______Atty. ___ _____________ FDeed (contract): _____Copy recd FFigures checked with Sellers attorney _______To Client ______ReviewedF Checks prepared if necessary F_______________________________ F______________________________ CLOSING G FSign note and mortgage (contract) FVoter registration card FTitle objections card FDeclaration of value FCheck deed (contract) FGroundwater Hazard Statement (Clean?) FMark deed (contract) Return to SRL&V FDocuments to ___________ for recording FChecks exchanged FStatement to Client FInsurance policy or binder F______________________________ FEscrow agreement F______________________________ FTermite certificate/treatment * * * * * FKeys delivered FClosing checks distributed FLien waivers FAddress change to computer FUtilities transferred FHomestead reminder prepared FSoc. Sec. No. ___________________ F______________________________ <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 FAbstract to lender/_______________ F______________________________ABSTRACT G FExpect abstract by___________FCertificate issued on_________________ FAbstract recd on____________FCertificate and abstract to Lender FExamined__________________ FOLLOW UP G FDated for escrow review F ____________________________________ FDated for final review F ____________________________________ FEscrow distributed on _________ FFinal Review by________on_____________
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