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Prospective Client Interview - Georgia

Prospective Client Interview Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Law Practice Management State Bar Of Georgia Statewide .
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PROSPECTIVE CLIENT INTERVIEWHow did you find out about us? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are we the first attorneys you have consulted in this matter?____Yes____NoIf no, who else did you consult?________________________________________________________________________Why are you dissatisfied with the attorneys you consulted previously?________________________________________________________________________Why are you consulting us today? What do you want to see happen?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Briefly, what are the relevant facts?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is the relative urgency? ( ) Critical -- Personal safety or continuation of business depends on it( ) Very important -- severe hardship, personal or financial inconvenience to client if matter is not resolved quickly( ) Important -- Matter interferes with business or personal financial stability( ) Needs to be done, but no immediate hardship to client in the interim( ) Thought Id see if it was worth pursuing, but Im not really counting on anything hereIf the matter involves payment to you of money you feel you are owed, how long can youwait before failure to receive these funds will prove a hardship? ________________________________________________________________________How will you pay for your attorneys fees in this matter? ________________________________________________________________________For attorneys use only: ( ) Will Represent ( ) Will investigate and respond ( ) Representation Declined [Letter of declination required]Comments: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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