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Fee Agreement - Georgia

Fee Agreement Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Law Practice Management State Bar Of Georgia Statewide .
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FEE AGREEMENTATTORNEYS FEES The attorneys fee in this matter will be set as follows:( ) Fixed Fee of $____________ ( ) Hourly Rate at $_____ per hour plus _____% of amount* ( ) recovered ( ) saved( ) Estimated Fee in the range of: $________________ to $________________( ) Contingent Fee of _________________ ( ) saved ( ) recovered ( ) other( ) Fee determined on all relevant factors ( ) Minimum retainer of $_____________ ( ) Number of hours of attorney time covered by retainer is ___________( ) Other ___________________________________________________________This office will bill you: ( ) Monthly on _________ of each month ( ) Upon completion ( ) Other arrangement _________________________________________________ALL BILLS ARE PAYABLE UPON RECEIPT. IF YOU DO NOT PAY WITHIN 30DAYS OF RECEIPT, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BEGIN TO ACCRUE INTERESTCHARGES. RETAINERS Retainer of $____________________________________________ is to be applied ( ) towards fee and out-of-pocket expenses ( ) towards fee ( ) towards out-of-pocket expenses. ( ) Retainer is refundable ( ) Retainer is non-refundable <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2COSTS AND EXPENSESTypical out-of-pocket expenses (NOTE: these are not attorney fees) for this matter may include:( ) Costs such as court costs, filing fees, process server fees, deposition costs, sheriff or clerk of court fees, investigators fees, etc.( ) Abstracting charges or title insurance premiums, clerks recording fees.( ) Photocopying, long distance telephone, postage, and travel costs.( ) Other __________________________________________________________Estimate for costs and expenses (not including attorneys fees):( ) Expected to range between $______ and $_______.( ) Not expected to exceed $__________.( ) No expenses expectedNOTE: This is an estimate for your convenience; it is not a guarantee.If the above properly sets forth our agreement, please sign below and keep one copy. Return theoriginal together with your check in the amount of $___________________.We will draw $______________________ towards attorney fees and apply $_________ towardsout-of-pocket expenses as outlined above. If we do not receive the signed original of thisagreement (you retain the copy), and your check within______days, we shall assume that youhave obtained other counsel and shall mark our file "CLOSED" and do nothing further. Thankyou. Dated:___________________________________________________________Attorney at LawThe above is understood and agreed to by me.Dated: __________________________________________________________Client
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