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Contingent Fee Contract - Georgia

Contingent Fee Contract Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Law Practice Management State Bar Of Georgia Statewide .
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CONTINGENT FEE CONTRACT (Addendum To Retainer Agreement) DATE: ________________________________________ (Attorney) _______________________________________________________________________ (Client)In consideration of the acceptance by ________________ of the case referred to in the Retainer Agreementsigned by the parties today on a contingent fee basis, it is agreed that this Addendum shall form a part ofthe said Retainer Agreement and be incorporated therein as if it were fu lly set forth in that agreement.In the event that the Client at any point desires to change attorneys or otherwise requires _____________ towithdraw from the case, _____________ shall be entitled to fees from the Client on the percentage basis setforth in the attached Retainer Agreement based upon any settlement offer ed by the opposing party prior tothe date of withdrawal; or, if no settlement offer has been made, on an hourly basis. The Client particularlydirects __________________ not to withdraw from this matter unless he has been paid the larger of the twopossible fees or arrangements for the said payment has been made to his satisfaction.The Client has the ultimate right to decide whether or not an offer of s ettlement is satisfactory. It is agreedthat one of the reasons that the Client has retained ______________ is that he believes that the backgroundand experience of _______________ puts him in the position of correctly advising the client. It is theref oreagreed that if at any time the Client and ______________ cannot agree as to the settlement of the case, thenand in that event, __________________ may withdraw from the case and will be paid his fees to the date ofwithdrawal as is provided above. Those fees shall be a lien on the case and any party at interest may be soinformed. ____________________________ ____________________________ CLIENT(S) ____________________________ (Attorney)
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