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Checklist For Closing Files - Georgia

Checklist For Closing Files Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Law Practice Management State Bar Of Georgia Statewide .
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CHECKLIST FOR CLOSING FILES Date Started: ______________________ File No.: ______________________ Client: ______________________ Matter: ______________________ Closed File No.: ______________________ Attorney: ______________________ Initials: _______________Person ResponsibleInitials Date Action Receptionist ______ _____ Notify accounting file is to be closed.Secretary ______ _____ Check file for unfinished business, unpaid cost bills, etc. Secretary ______ _____ Prep for microfilming: strip file of duplicate copies and legal pads, paper clips; remove staples, give research materials to law clerk for filing. Secretary ______ _____ Create record or index card for any out of state attorney, expert witness, etc. in research file.Attorney ______ _____ Send client questionnaire if appropriateAttorney ______ _____ Notify secretary if any forms or letters created during matter should be retained for general use instead of archived or deleted.Attorney ______ _____ Mark documents that should be returned to client. Attorney ______ _____ Mark any documents that must be permanently preserved. Computer Operator______ _____ Delete or archive documents that will not be retained as active.Accounting ______ _____ Prepare final prebill/bill if applicableAccounting ______ _____ Zero out trust accounting ledger for client matter Accounting ______ _____ Mark OK to close if all categories are zero. Give file to receptionist.Receptionist ______ _____ Put matter in closed status. Transfer file to file room/microfilm clerkFile clerk ______ _____ Stamp file closed. Make final review of checklist. Microfilm or image and index all documents. File in closed section of file room numerically by closed file number.
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