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Certificate Of Limited Partnership MLPA-6 - Maine

Certificate Of Limited Partnership Form. This is a Maine form and can be used in Domestic Limited Partnership Secretary Of State .
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Filing Fee $125.00 DOMESTIC LIMITED PARTNERSHIP STATE OF MAINE _____________________ CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED Deputy Secretary of State PARTNERSHIP A True Copy When Attested By Signature _____________________ Deputy Secretary of State Pursuant to 31 MRSA 421, the undersigned executes and delivers the following Certificate of Limited Partnership: FIRST: The name of the limited partnership is: ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________. (The name must contain one of the following: "Limited Partnership", "L.P." or "LP"; 403-A.1) SECOND: The name of its Registered Agent, an individual Maine resident or a corporation, foreign or domestic, authorized to do business or carry on activities in Maine, and the address of the registered office shall be: ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ (name) ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ (physical location - street (not P.O. Box), city, state and zip code) ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ (mailing address if different from above) THIRD: The name and business, residence or mailing address of each general partner is: NAME ADDRESS ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Names and addresses of additional general partners are attached hereto as Exhibit ____, and made a part hereof. FOURTH: Other provisions of this certificate, if any, that the partners determine to include are set forth in Exhibit ____ attached hereto and made a part hereof. FORM NO. MLPA-6 (1 of 2) <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 DATED __________________________ GENERAL PARTNER(S)* ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (signature) (type or print name) ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (signature) (type or print name) ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (signature) (type or print name) For General Partner(s) which are Entities Name of Entity _______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ By ________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (authorized signature) (type or print name and capacity) Name of Entity _______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ By ________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (authorized signature) (type or print name and capacity) Name of Entity _______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ By ________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (authorized signature) (type or print name and capacity) Acceptance of Appointment of Registered Agent The undersigned hereby accepts the appointment as registered agent for the above-named limited partnership. REGISTERED AGENT DATED __________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (signature) (type or print name) For Registered Agent which is a Corporation Name of Corporation _____________________________________________________________________ _______________________ By ________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (authorized signature) (type or print name and capacity) Note: If the registered agent does not sign, Form MLPA-18 (407.1-A) must accompany this document. *Certificate MUST be signed by: (1) all general partners OR (2) any duly authorized person. The execution of this certificate constitutes an oath or affirmation under the penalties of false swearing under Title 17-A, section 453. SUBMIT COMPLETED FORMS TO: CORPORATE EXAMINING SECTION, SECRETARY OF STATE, 101 STATE HOUSE STATION, AUGUSTA, ME 04333-0101 FORM NO. MLPA-6 (2 of 2) Rev. 7-1-2003 TEL. (207) 624-7740
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