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Certificate Of Limited Liability Partnership MLLP-6 - Maine

Certificate Of Limited Liability Partnership Form. This is a Maine form and can be used in Domestic Limited Liability Partnership Secretary Of State .
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Filing Fee $125.00 DOMESTIC LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP STATE OF MAINE CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP (Mark box only if applicable) _____________________ This is a professional limited liability partnership** formed Deputy Secretary of State pursuant to 13 MR SA Chapter 22-A to provide the following professional services: A True Copy When Attested By Signature ____________________________________________________ _____________________ ____________________________________________________ Deputy Secretary of State (type of professional services) Pursuant to 31 MRSA 822, the undersigned executes and delivers the following Certificate of Limited Liability Partnership: FIRST: The name of the registered limited liability partnership is: ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________. (The name must contain one of the following: "Limited Liability Partnership", "L.L.P." or "LLP"; 803-A.1) SECOND: The name of its Registered Agent, an individual Maine resident or a corporation, foreign or domestic, authorized to do business or carry on activities in Maine, and the address of the registered office shall be: ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ (name) ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ (physical location - street (not P.O. Box), city, state and zip code) ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ (mailing address if different from above) THIRD: The name and business, residence or mailing address of the contact partner is: NAME ADDRESS ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________ FOURTH: Other provisions of this certificate, if any, that the partners determine to include are set forth in Exhibit ____ attached hereto and made a part hereof. FORM NO. MLLP-6 (1 of 2) <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 PARTNER(S)* DATED __________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (signature) (type or print name) ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (signature) (type or print name) ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (signature) (type or print name) For Partner(s) which are Entities Name of Entity _______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ By _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________ (authorized signature) (type or print name and capacity) Name of Entity _______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ By _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________ (authorized signature) (type or print name and capacity) Name of Entity _______________________________________________________________________ _________________________ By _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________ (authorized signature) (type or print name and capacity) Acceptance of Appointment of Registered Agent The undersigned hereby accepts the appointment as registered agent for the above-named limited liability partnership. REGISTERED AGENT DATED __________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ (signature) (type or print name) For Registered Agent which is a Corporation Name of Corporation _____________________________________________________________________ _______________________ By _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________ (authorized signature) (type or print name and capacity) Note: If the registered agent does not sign, Form MLLP-18 (807.2) must accompany this document. ** Examples of professional service corporations are accountants, attorneys, chiropractors, dentists, registered nurses and veterinarians. (This is not an inclusive list see 13 MRSA 723.7.) *Certificate MUST be signed by: (1) one or more partners who are authorized OR (2) any duly authorized person. The execution of this certificate constitutes an oath or affirmation under the penalties of false swearing under Title 17-A, section 453. Please remit your payment made payable to the Maine Secretary of State. SUBMIT COMPLETED FORMS TO: CORPORATE EXAMINING SECTION, SECRETARY OF STATE, 101 STATE HOUSE STATION, AUGUSTA, ME 04333-0101 FORM NO. MLLP-6 (2 of 2) Rev. 10-8-2003 TEL. (207) 624-7740
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