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Certificate Of Value Resident And Non Resident DE-401A - Maine

Certificate Of Value Resident And Non Resident Form. This is a Maine form and can be used in Probate Court Statewide .
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STATE OF MAINE _______________________ COUNTY PROBATE COURT DE-401(A) (Rev. 7-1-08) Replaces all previous forms DOCKET NO. _____________ ESTATE OF __________________________________ DECEASED DATE OF DEATH: ____________________________ CERTIFICATE OF VALUE RESIDENT AND NON-RESIDENT The undersigned represents that, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, the decedent left an estate consisting of the following mentioned items of property, the amount set opposite each being the estimated value thereof. RESIDENT ESTATE: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS BELOW. NON-RESIDENT ESTATE: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS EXCEPT NUMBER 3. PROBATE ESTATE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Real Estate in Maine (net of mortgages) (Do NOT include decedent's interest as joint tenant.) Tangible personal property in Maine 1 Intangible personal property (wherever located) Total probate estate value (add Items 1-3) Non-mortgage debts, funeral expenses, and costs of administration Total net value of probate estate (Subtract Item 5 from Item 4) $__________________ $__________________ $__________________ $__________________ $__________________ $__________________ NON-PROBATE TAXABLE ESTATE 7. 8. Fair market value (net of mortgages) of decedent's interest in Maine real estate included in taxable estate 2 Will a Federal Estate Tax Return be filed? ____ YES ____ NO Will a Maine Estate Tax Return be filed? ____ YES ____ NO If yes, the estimated Maine Estate Tax is $___________. Has the personal representative deposited cash or collateral with an agency of this State, pursuant to statute, to secure performance of his or her duties? ____ YES ____ NO $__________________ 9. I, ____________________________________________, hereby acknowledge that I have read the foregoing report and that the statements therein contained are true and do correctly disclose the listed assets of the decedent named therein to the best of my knowledge and belief. Dated _________________________ Signed ____________________________________ Applicant/Petitioner/Attorney American LegalNet, Inc. DE-401(A) (Rev. 7-1-08) Page 2 of 2 MAINE ESTATE TAX DUE BOND REQUIREMENT 3 ACTION BY THE REGISTER OR JUDGE OF PROBATE: _______ Any Maine Estate Tax due appears to be reasonably secured by the lien upon real estate or by the deposit of cash or collateral by the personal representative in a financial institution in this State. NO ESTATE TAX BOND NEED BE FILED. _______ An Estate Tax Bond in the amount of $ ___________ is required. No Letters of Authority shall issue until said bond is approved by this Court. Dated: ___________________________ _______________________________________ Judge of Probate/Register of Probate 1 Intangible personal property includes stocks, bonds, bank accounts, promissory notes, and similar "intangible" assets owned by the decedent both within and without the State of Maine. Do not include any such property owned by the decedent as a joint tenant. 2 See 36 MRSA §4072 See 36 MRSA §4079. See also 18-A MRSA §3-603. 3 I certify that no alteration has been made to the official form as most recently approved and promulgated by the Supreme Judicial Court. I also certify that I have met the standards under M.R.Prob.P. 84(b). _____________________________________ Preparer Signature ________________________________ Typed or Printed Name of Preparer MARP 11/2008 American LegalNet, Inc.
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