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Financial Statement - Lump Sum Determination PROB 48G - Missouri

Financial Statement - Lump Sum Determination Form. This is a Missouri form and can be used in Eastern District US Probation Office Federal .
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OPROB 48G (09/00) Financial Worksheet Lum p Sum Payment Determina tion ASSETS Cash Cash on Hand (Section I) Bank Accounts (Section A) Securities (Section B) Life Insurance Cash Surrender Value (Section D) Unencumbered Assets (owned free and clear) Real Estate (Section G) Other Assets (Sections I and E) Fair Market Value of Business Holdings (Section K) Fair Market Value of Assets Another is Holding (Section M) Notes and Accounts Receivable (Section C) Motor Vehicles (If no loan balance, Section F) Mortgage Loans Receivable (Section H) Defendants Interest in Trust Assets (Section J) TOTAL ASSETS AVAIL ABLE FOR LUMP SUM PAYMENT CONSIDERATIO N
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