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Consent To Appointment Of Personal Representative RW 1118 - Maryland

Consent To Appointment Of Personal Representative Form. This is a Maryland form and can be used in Register Of Wills Orphans Court Statewide .
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IN THE ORPHANS' COURT FOR (OR) BEFORE THE REGISTER OF WILLS FOR IN THE ESTATE OF: ESTATE NO. , MARYLAND CONSENT TO APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE I, the will OR I, (state name and relationship to decedent or other basis for appointment) , the personal representative named in , ask the court or register to appoint instead of me to serve as personal representative. I consent to that appointment. I understand that if is so appointed I may not withdraw this consent so long as remains personal representative, except upon a showing of good cause. I, , further ¨ ¨ consent that as personal representative without a bond, except as required by law, or do not consent that as personal representative without a bond. shall serve shall serve DATE SIGNATURE NAME (typed or printed) Attorney Address Address Telephone Number Facsimile Number Email Address RW1118 ROWNET American LegalNet, Inc. Rev. 01/01/2016 PDF
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