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Articles-Certificate Of Correction 133 - Oregon

Articles-Certificate Of Correction Form. This is a Oregon form and can be used in General Business Registry Secretary Of State .
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Phone: (503) 986-2200 Fax: (503) 378-4381 Articles/Certificate of CorrectionAll Entities Secretary of State Corporation Division 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151 Salem, OR 97310-1327 FilingInOregon.com REGISTRY NUMBER : In accordance with Oregon Revised Statute 192.410-192.490, the informati on on this application is public record. We must release this information to all parties upon request and it will be posted on our website.r For office use only Please Type or Print Legibly in Black Ink. Attach Additional Sheet if Necessary. 1) NAME OF ENTITY NOTE: The Change of Registered Agent or Office form must be used to change t he registered agent. 2) DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION (Describe the document to be corrected, including the date on which it was filed, or attach a copy of the document to be corrected.) 3) INCORRECT STATEMENT (Describe the incorrect statement and indicate the reason it is incorrect.) 4) CORRECTION (The incorrect statement is corrected to read as follows. Attach additional sheets if necessary.) 5) EXECUTION Signature Printed Name Title Date 6) CONTACT NAME (To resolve questions with this filing.) FEES Required Processi ng Fee $50 DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER (Include area code.) Confirmation Copy (Optional) $5 Processing Fees are nonrefundable. Please make check payable t Corporatoion Division. NOTE: Fees may be paid with VISA or MasterCard. The card number and expiration date should be submitted on a separate sheet for your protection. 133 (Rev. 1/04)
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