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Order Dispensing With Future Settlements (When All Assets Are Restricted) 435 - Missouri

Order Dispensing With Future Settlements (When All Assets Are Restricted) Form. This is a Missouri form and can be used in Minors And Adults Probate 7th Circuit (Clay County) Local Circuit Courts .
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CIRCUIT COURT OF CLAY COUNTY, MISSOURI PROBATE DIVISION CV P Matter of Minor/Disabled ORDER DISPENSING WITH FUTURE SETTLEMENTS Now on this , the Court upon its own motion/Application to Dispense with Future Settlements examines this file and finds that the Minor/Disabled owns no interest in income producing real estate; that the cash and other assets are deposited with for safekeeping, to be withdrawn only on order of the Court; and that said assets are not now needed for the support and maintenance of the Minor/Disabled. WHEREUPON, the Court orders that no future settlements are required of the Conservator until further ordered by the Court. The Court further orders that the Conservator shall: 1. Immediately report to this Court receipts of any additional assets; 2. Annually file a verification of deposit and status report as required by law and; 3. Notify the Court of any changes of address of the Conservator or Protectee/Ward. JUDGE Clerk Form 435 Page 1 of 1 Revised 3/14/2003
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