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Small Claims Summons 180 - Kentucky

Small Claims Summons Form. This is a Kentucky form and can be used in Small Claims Statewide .
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AOC-180 Summons Type: SC Case No. Rev. 12-01 Page 1 of 1 Court District Small Claims Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Justice County KRS 24A.280 SMALL CLAIMS SUMMONS PLAINTIFFVS. DEFENDANTTHE COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY To the above-named Defendant(s): You are hereby notified a legal action has been filed against you in this Court demanding relief as shown on the complaint delivered to you with this Summons.You are summoned to appear before this Court on ______________, ______, at _________ [ ] a.m./ [ ] p.m., at the following location: __________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________. Failure toappear on the date indicated may result in a judgment by default against you for the relief demanded in the attached complaint. The name(s) and address(es) of the party or parties demanding such relief against you or his/her (their) attorney(s) is/are shown on the complaint delivered to you with this Summons. Date: ___________________, 2_____. _______________________________________ Clerk By:_____________________________________ D.C. PROOF OF SERVICE This summons was served by delivering a true copy of this summons and the complaint (or other initiating document) to: _____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ This _____ day of ______________, 2______. Served by: ________________________________ Page 1 of 1
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