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Post Secondary Education Worksheet - Indiana

Post Secondary Education Worksheet Form. This is a Indiana form and can be used in General Family Law (Pro-Se) Statewide .
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Worksheet Child Support Obligation IN RE: CASE NO: FATHER: MOTHER: POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION WORKSHEET (PSEW) Child: DOB SECTION ONE: DETERMINATION OF EDUCATION EXPENSE FATHER MOTHER A. Parents Percentage Share of Total Weekly Adjusted Income From Line 2 of Child Support Worksheet % % B. Educational Costs: (1) Tuition (2) Room & Board (3) Books (4) Fees (5) Other TOTAL EDUCATIONAL COSTS (Part B Lines 1-5) C. Childs Share of Costs (1) Scholarships (2) Grants in Aid (3) Student Loans (4) Childs Cash Share (5) Other TOTAL CREDITS (Part C Line 1-5) ) D. Parents Total Obligations: Subtract Total Credits From Total Costs Parents Share: Line A x Line D $ $ SECTION TWO: DETERMINATION OF SUPPORT WHILE STUDENT AT HOME E. Weeks Student Lives at Home _______ Divided by 52 = % F. Basic Child Support Obligation For All Children,. Including Student (Apply CWAI from Line 3 of Child Support Worksheet to Guideline Schedule) G. Basic Child Support Obligation for Children Living with Custodial Parent from Line 4 of Child Support Worksheet.; If student is only child, this amount is $0 H. Weekly Child Support Obligation Attributable to Student Living Away From Home (Subtract Line G From Line F) I. Calculation of Support Obligation For Student (Multiply Line H ____ x Line E ____ ) J. Parents Weekly Child Support Obligation: (Line A x Line I) $ $ Line J of section Two will be reflected in Section 7 of the Child Support Worksheet resulting in the Recommended Support Obliga tion.
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