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Parenting Time Credit Worksheet - Indiana

Parenting Time Credit Worksheet Form. This is a Indiana form and can be used in General Family Law (Pro-Se) Statewide .
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Worksheet Child Support Obligation IN RE: CASE NO: FATHER: MOTHER: PARENTING TIME CREDIT WORKSHEET Children DOB Children DOB Line: 1PT Enter Annual Number of Overnights 2PT Enter Weekly Basic Child Support Obligation BCSO (Enter Line 4 from Child Support Worksheet) ______.__ 3PT Enter Total Parenting Time Expenses as a Percentage of the BCSO (Enter Appropriate TOTAL Entry from Table PT) .________ 4PT Enter Duplicated Expenses as a Percentage of the BCSO (Enter Appropriate DUPLICATED Entry from Table PT) .________ 5PT Parents Share of Combined Weekly Income (Enter Line 2 from Child Support Worksheet) .________ 6PT Average Weekly Total Expenses during Parenting Time (Multiply Line 2PT times Line 3PT) ______.__ 7PT Average Weekly Duplicated Expenses (Multiply Line 2PT times Line 4PT) ______.__ 8PT Parents Share of Duplicated Expenses (Multiply Line 5PT times Line 7PT) ______.__ 9PT Allowable Expenses during Parenting Time (Line 6PT Line 8PT) ______.__ Enter Line 9PT on Line 7 of the Child Support Worksheet as the Parenting Time Credit
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