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Summary Process Agreement For Judgment - Massachusetts

Summary Process Agreement For Judgment Form. This is a Massachusetts form and can be used in Housing Court Statewide .
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COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS __________________SS: HOUSING COURT DEPARTMENT _______________________ DIVISION / / /SP-/ / / / / / _____________________________________ Plaintiff/Landlord VS. ______________________________________ Defendant/Tenant SUMMARY PROCESS AGREEMENT FOR JUDGMENT THE UNDERSIGNED PARTIES HEREBY AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING FACTS AND TO ENTRY OF THE FOLLOWING JUDGMENT AS A RESOLUTION OF THEIR CASE: ( ) The agreed upon rent for the unit is $____________ per month. ( ) The tenant owes $_____________in contract rent for the period of: ________________________ through _________________, 200__________________________________________ _______________ _______________________________________________________________________ ____________________ ( ) The rent owed is reduced by $_______________ on account of the tenants claims, leaving an amount owed of $________________. ( ) Judgment for possession and for $__________________ is to enter for: G the landlord G the tenant on _________________________ , plus costs of $_____________. ( ) The Landlord shall make the following repairs to the premises according to the following schedule: ________________________________________________________________________ ___________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ___________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____________________ ( ) The parties further agree as follows : ________________________________________________________________________ ____________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____________ American LegalNet, Inc.<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2________________________________________________________________________ ____________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____________ ( ) If either party alleges that the other party has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, she/he may mark a hearing for enforcement of the Agreement or for issuance of execution upon three (3) business days, written notice to the other party and filed with the court. The three (3)day period begins when the other side receives notice. Unless otherwise agreed, notice is to be delivered rather than mailed. ( ) The tenant agrees to vacate on ___________________ , 200____. Landlord may request in writing an execution to issue thereafter. ( ) If the tenant complies with these conditions, the case will be dismissed on______________ and the tenancy will be reinstated on that date. ( ) The parties shall appear in court on ___________________ at ___________ oclock for review on compliance with this Agreement. ONCE APPROVED BY THE JUDGE, THIS AGREEMENT BECOMES A COURT ORDER AND BOTH PARTIES ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO FOLLOW IT. If questions arise, please consult the Housing Specialist. I UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE THE RIGHT TO A HEARING ON MY CASE BEFORE A JUDGE, BUT INSTEAD, I CHOOSE TO SIGN THIS AGREEMENT. _____________________________________ ________________________________________ Signed and dated by Landlord: Signed and dated by Tenant: _____________________________________ __________________________________________ Plaintiffs Attorney: Defendants Attorney: __________________________________________ _____________________________________ JUDGE: Housing Specialist: Copies (given) (mailed) to the parties on ______________________. American LegalNet, Inc.
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