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Motion For Issuance Of Execution - Massachusetts

Motion For Issuance Of Execution Form. This is a Massachusetts form and can be used in Housing Court Statewide .
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COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS ________________,SS: HOUSING COURT DEPARTMENT _______________ DIVISION / / / - / / / / / / SUMMARY PROCESS _________________________ PLAINTIFF(S) VS. ________________________ DEFENDANT(S) MOTION FOR ISSUANCE OF EXECUTION The plaintiff(s) hereby moves this Court to Issue an Execution for possession, plus rent/use and occupancy in the amount of $________________ and costs of $ _____________, which execution can be used by the plaintiff to evict the defendant. THE PLAINTIFF STATES THAT: 1. A stay of execution had been granted by the Court, or a stay had been agreed upon by the parties, OR the parties entered into an Agreement for Judgment granting the defendant/tenant the right to reinstate the tenancy on _________________________(Date). (ATTACH COPY OF AGREEMENT). 2. The defendant/tenant is in substantial violation of a material term or condition of the stay or Agreement, as follows: (Briefly describe the nature of the violation and refer to agreement): ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Date: __________________ ________________________________ Signature of plaintiff ********************************* ********** **************************** [ ] If either party requires an interpreter, please check box and list their native language _________________. American LegalNet, Inc.
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