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Notary Public Change Of Address Form NF-2 - Rhode Island

Notary Public Change Of Address Form Form. This is a Rhode Island form and can be used in Notary Secretary Of State .
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STATE OF RHODE ISLAND AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS Office of the Secretary of State Notary Public Section 100 North Main Street Providence, Rhode Island 02903-1335 (401) 222-1487 NOTARY PUBLIC CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM Instructions: Type or print the form legibly in ink. Return the signed original to the above address. Notary ID number: ______________________ Name of Notary Public: _________________________________________________ ____________________________ (name that appears on your current notary public certificate) New Address of Notary Public: __________________________________________ _____________________________ (Must list street address. PO box may be given as additiona l information only.) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ (city/town) (zip code) Daytime telephone number: ___________________________ (area code & number) Date: _________________________ ________________________________________________ Signature of Notary Public NOTE Filing this form does not automatically register you as a voter in your city or town. When you move, you have a responsibility, as a Rhode Island Notary Public, to register at your loc al board of canvassers, located in your city hall.n ow tor F-2. N NormFo Revised: 05/00
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