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Designation Of Agent For Nonresident Landlord 34-18-22 - Rhode Island

Designation Of Agent For Nonresident Landlord Form. This is a Rhode Island form and can be used in Miscellaneous Secretary Of State .
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STATE OF RHODE ISLAND AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS Office of the Secretary of State Corporations Division 100 North Main Street Providence, Rhode Island 02903-1335 DESIGNATION OF AGENT FOR NONRESIDENT LANDLORD Pursuant to the provisions of Section 34-18-22.3 of the General Laws, 1956, as amended, the undersigned landlord, whois not a resident of the State of Rhode Island, submits the following statement for the purpose of appointing an agent in theState of Rhode Island. 1. The name of the nonresident landlord is 2. The address of the nonresident landlord is 3. The name of the agent is (The agent must be a resident of this state or a corporation authorized to do business in this state.)4. The address of the agent is 5. List the street address of each property designated to said agent: Street Address City/Town Under penalty of perjury, I declare and affirm that all statements, including any accompanying attachments, contained herein are true and correct. Date: Signature of Landlord NOTE: Pursuant to the above statute, a designation of agent must also be filed with the clerk of the city or town wherein thedwelling unit is located. You should contact the city or town clerk prior to filing said designation to determine whatadditional filing requirements, if any, are necessary. Form No. 34-18-22 Revised: 01/99
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