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Arbitrator Application And Oath - Washington

Arbitrator Application And Oath Form. This is a Washington form and can be used in Mandatory Arbitration Superior Court Spokane Local County .
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SPOKANE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT MANDATORY ARBITRATION PROGRAM Superior Court Administrator's Office, 1116 W. Broadway, Spokane, WA 99260-0350 ARBITRATOR APPLICATION AND OATH NAME FIRM ADDRESS CITY ST / ZIP TELEPHONE FAX NUMBER E-MAIL ADDRESS WA STATE BAR # IN PRACTICE YEARS RCW 7.06.040 requires a minimum of 5 years with the Washington State Bar to be an arbitrator for the court. Major Areas of Practice % of practice _______________ Commercial/Contracts Construction _______________ Tort/Personal Injury _______________ Real Estate _______________ _______________ Family Law Other areas of experience: ________________________________________________________________________. Type of case assignment you will not take_____________________________________________________________. Estimated number of arbitration hearings you've attended________________; you've conducted_________________. Alternative Dispute Resolution Training? Will you act as a mentor for new applicants? Do you want to be matched with a mentor? Yes Yes Yes No No No OATH OF ARBITRATOR I, _____________________________, do swear, upon my oath I have reviewed the MAR and LMAR Print name Court rules, that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington and that I will discharge the duties of Arbitrator for Superior Court of the State of Washington to the best of my ability. Date: __________________________ ____________________________________________ Signature of Applicant Date: __________________________ ____________________________________________ Presiding Judge American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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