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Final Judgment For Eviction Law 169 - Florida

Final Judgment For Eviction Form. This is a Florida form and can be used in General Brevard Local County .
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CLOCK IN RESERVED FOR RECORDING IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, EIGHTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA IN THE COUNTY COURT, BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA DIVISION CASE NUMBER CIVIL FINAL JUDGMENT FOR EVICTION CRIMINAL -- - - JUVENILE TRAFFIC PLAINTIFF DEFENDANT THIS CAUSE being heard on the day of , 20 on Plaintiffs Complaint for Eviction and the Court being fully advised in the premises, It is ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the Plaintiff(s) whose address is recover from the Defendant(s) possession of the real property described as follows: on the day of , 20 at M., and costs in the amount of $ , for which the Clerk of the County Court shall issue Writs of Possession and Execution, forthwith. This Judgment shall accrue interest at the rate of _______________ % per year. xc: Plaintiff(s) Defendants(s) DONE AND ORDERED DATE BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA JUDGE LAW 169 (REV. 08/2004)
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