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Motion For Judgment Debtor Rule Examination - Louisiana

Motion For Judgment Debtor Rule Examination Form. This is a Louisiana form and can be used in Civil City Court East Baton Rouge Local Parish .
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_____________________________________________ SUIT NUMBER ___________________ Div._______ PLAINTIFF B ATON ROUGE CITY COURT VS. C ITY OF BATON ROUGE _____________________________________________ STATE OF LOUISIANA DEFENDANT MOTION FOR JUDGMENT DE BTOR RULE EXAMINATION (La. Code of Civil Procedure C.C.P. Article 2451) ON MOTION of _________________________________________________________________________, plaintiff, and on suggesting to the Court that plaintiff has secured a Judgment herein which is now final and unpaid, and on further suhatgge sting t Mover desires to examine ____________________________________________________________________________________ , dedfenant/judgmentd e btor, and hins icomeo recrds, pahy ceck stubs, W-2 Forms, last years income tax return, businepss apers, automobile titles and registration certificates (pink slips), mhoestead and bank account records (checking and savings) omna all tters pertaining to his income or property, in order that plaintiff may find means to execute the Judgment, and that the saintd s defehounld da be ordered to appear before this Honorable Cousrut atch time as the Court assi gns for said examination; IT IS ORDERED that _________________________________________________________________, judgment debtor herein, is hereby ordered to appear in the Baton Rouge City Court, Room 309, 233 St. Louis Street, Baton Rouge, La., on the _______ day of ________________________________, 20______, at 9:30 a.m. for the purpose of being examined on all matters pertaining to his income or property and to produce his most recent W-2 forms, last years income tax return, stubs, pay check business papers, automobile titles and registration certificates (pink slips), homestead and ba account records nk (checking and savings) pertaining to his income or property, and inthis order, le tnot the defendant fa itlo appear, under the pena ltoyf being held in contempt of Court and subjected to the punishment provided by law; B aton Rouge, Louisiana, on this ________day of _______________________, 20______. JUDGE, BATON ROUGE CITY COURT, DIV. ______ NOTICE TO ALL PARTIES: Submitted by: (Sign your Nam)_________e_________________________________________________________ During the pendency of this litigation, the Court will contact you at the address and phone number that you have provided . If either address or phone number changes, you must notify the Court immediately. (Print your Nam)_________e_________________________________________________________ SERVE DEFENDANT BY PERSONAL SERVICE ONLY: (Your Address)___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ (City, State, Zip)___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ (Telephone No.)_____________________________________________________________ Civil Motion for Judgment Debtor Rule Examination (04-30-03)
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