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Application For Renewal Of Registered Name CF0037 - Arizona

Application For Renewal Of Registered Name Form. This is a Arizona form and can be used in Corporation Secretary Of State .
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APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL OF REGISTERED NAME 1. The name of the Corporation is_________________________________________. If applicable, the name of the Corporation with an addition required to make the name available for use in Arizona is ______________________________________________. 2. The Corporation originally registered the name ____________________________ with the Arizona Corporation Commission on the ____day of __________________, ___ pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes 10-403, or 10-3403 and has renewed that registration each year since. 3. The corporation was incorporated in the State (Province or Country) of on the day of , .4. The Corporation is engaged in the following business or nature of activities: _________________________________ _____________________________________. 5. Attached hereto is a certificate of extence (gis ood standing) or a similar document from the state, province or country of incorporation. 6. The Corporation hereby applies for renewal of its registraton of its corporate name withi any addition set forth above for the following calendar year, in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes Sections 10-403 & 10-3403. 7. This application is accompanied by the renewal fee of $10.00 (U.S.) made payable to the Arizona Corporation Commission. DATED this _____ day of ___________________, _______. Signed___________________________________________ ____________________________, ______________ [Print Name] [Title] Mailing Address:___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Phone ______________ FAX ___________ [optional] [optional] Deliver or mail with check made payable to: ARIZONA CORPORATION COMMISSION Attn: Name Reservation Section 1300 West Washington OR 400 West Congress Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2929 Tucson, Arizona 85701-1347 CF: 0037 Business Corporation Rev: 06/03
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