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Request For Transcript From Video Or Copy Of Videotape 530 - Michigan

Request For Transcript From Video Or Copy Of Videotape Form. This is a Michigan form and can be used in General Oakland Local County .
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STATE OF MICHIGAN REQUEST FOR TRANSCRIPT FROM CASE NO. SIXTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OAKLAND COUNTY VIDEO or COPY of VIDEOTAPE 1. In the matter of 2. I request an original plus Copies, needed by . TRANSCRIPT COPY OF VIDEOTAPE $1.75 per original typewritten page 30 per page for copies. Cost of $20.00 each checks made out to: All payment arrangements for transcripts are made Oakland County Circuit Court (no personal or third party through the transcribing company. checks accepted) Hearing dates: Judge/Referee: 3. My relationship to this case is: 4. Reason for request, please be specific SIGNED: ADDRESS: PRINT/TYPE NAME: PHONE NUMBER: ( ) ) DATE: E-MAIL: COMMENTS: Mail to: Court Administrators Office, Attn: Video Clerk, 1200 N. Telegraph Road, Dept 404, Pontiac, MI 48341 /or Fax Number: 248-858-1516 FOR JUDICIAL USE ONLY NON PARTY REQUEST FOR VIDEOTAPE COPY: PERMISSION IS ( ) GRANTED ( ) DENIED Date Judge COURT ADMINISTRATORS OFFICE USE ONLY Date money received for videotape copy: Amount $ Cash Check # Transcribing Company: Date Faxed to Transcribing Company: Form #530 (5/24/02) REQUEST FOR TRANSCRIPT/VIDEOTAPE
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