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Petition And Order For Transferring Case (RURESA) FOC 31 - Michigan

Petition And Order For Transferring Case (RURESA) Form. This is a Michigan form and can be used in General Domestic Relations Statewide .
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Original - Transferring court 1st copy - Receiving court 3rd copy - Defendant Approved, SCAO 2nd copy - Out of state court 4th copy - Friend of the court STATE OF MICHIGAN CASE NO. JUDICIAL CIRCUIT PETITION AND ORDER COUNTY FOR TRANSFERRING CASE (RURESA) Court address Court telephone no.Plaintiffs name, address, and telephone no. Defendants name, address, and telephone no. v PETITION 1. I request transfer of this case to County.2. A valid prior support order exists in that county. Date Signature Name and title (please type or print) CERTIFICATE OF ARREARAGE I certify that as of the arrears on the records of the Friend of the Court were: Date 1. Payer: Payee: Amount: $ State of Michigan 2. Payer: FIP Arrearage: Amount: $ 3. Other: 4. This is is not a Title IV-D case. Friend of the Court ORDER THE COURT FINDS there are arrearages in the amount of $ as certified above by the Friendof the Court. IT IS ORDERED: This case shall be transferred to: Court Address City, state, zip Date Judge Bar no.FOC 31 (6/98) PETITION AND ORDER FOR TRANSFERRING CASE (RURESA) MCL 780.168; MSA 25.225(18), MCR 3.214(B)
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