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Statement Of Denial For A Partnership UPA-94 - Virginia

Statement Of Denial For A Partnership Form. This is a Virginia form and can be used in Partnership Secretary Of State .
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UPA-94 (10/01) COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION STATEMENT OF DENIAL FOR A PARTNERSHIPThe undersigned presents this statement of denial pursuant to 50-73.94 of the Code of Virginia.1. The name of the partnership is: ________________________________________________________________________________2. (CHECK ONE)  The partner or other person is named as a partner in a Statement of Partnership Authority filed on ___________________________, file number _______________________, (month, day, year) with the State Corporation Commission pursuant to 50-73.94 of the Code of Virginia. OR  The partner or other person is named in a list maintained by an agent pursuant to 50-73.93B of the Code of Virginia.3. The following fact(s) is/are denied: (Note: May include denial of a persons authority or status as a partner.) ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________This statement may be filed by and must be executed by a partner or other person named in a filedStatement of Partnership Authority or named in a list maintained by an agent pursuant to 50-73.93B of theCode of Virginia. The individual executing this docum ent personally declares under pe nalty of perjury that thecontents are accurate. Executed this _________ day of __________________ 20 _____. _________________________________________ Signature of partner or other person SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE REVERSE<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 INSTRUCTIONS Section 50-73.83 of the Code of Virginia requires that this statement be either typewritten or printed in black,legible and reproducible. The person who files this statement shall promptly send a copy of the statement to every nonfiling partnerand to any other person named as a partner in the statement. Among the denial of other facts, this statement of denial may include the denial of a persons authority orstatus as a partner. A statement of denial is a limitation on authority as provided in subsections D and E of 50-73.93 of theCode of Virginia. Submit the original, signed statement to the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission, P.O. Box 1197, stRichmond, Virginia 23218-1197, (mailing address: 1300 E. Main Street, Tyler Building, 1 Floor, Richmond,Virginia 23219), along with a check for the filing fee in the amount of $25.00, payable to the State CorporationCommission. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH . If you have any questions, please call (804) 371-9733 or toll-free in Virginia, 1-866-722-2551. If you have Internet access, you can download this form. Go to scc; click on Divisions; thenpoint to Corporations and click on Office of the Clerk; then Forms and Fees; then Partnership Forms andFees; and then Form UPA-94.
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