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Corporate Power Of Attorney (Executor) - New Jersey

Corporate Power Of Attorney (Executor) Form. This is a New Jersey form and can be used in Probate Surrogate Salem Local County .
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Docket No.: _______________ State of New Jersey Salem County Surrogates Court In the matter of the Estate of: CORPORATE _______________________________________, Deceased POWER OF ATTORNEY } AKA: _________________________________ EXECUTOR KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that _________________________ a corporation of the __________________, having its principal office at ____________________________________________________, pursuant to the provisions of Revised Statutes 3B:14-47 do hereby make, constitute and appoint Geneva B. WooSurrod, gate of the County of Salem, in the State of New Jersey, and their successors in office, its true and laul attorney upon whomwf may be servedy a annd all process affecting the aforesaid estate, or any interest therein, whereof it is the Executor. And it does further agree that any process against the aforesaid estate, so served, shall be of the same force and effect a duls ify served upon it within this State. In Witness Whereof, it has caused these presents to be signed by its _______________________an___d ___ its corporate seal to be hereunto affixed, this ____/____/20__. Bank Name: Bank Officer: Bank Officer Signature: Bank Officer Title: Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of: Witness Signature STATE OF NEW JERSEY COUNTY OF SALEM } SS. BE IT REMEMBERED, that on this, ____/____/20__, before me, the subscriber, a Notary Public of New Jersey, personally appeared ___________________________, _______________________ of ____________________________ who I am satisfied is the person named in the foregoing power of attorney, and I having first made known to him/her the contents thereof, they did thereupon acknowledge that they signed, sealed with the corporate seal and delivered the samesuch as officer aforesaid; and that the foregoing power of attorney is the voluntary act and deed of such corporation, made by virtue and authority from its Board of Directors. ______________________________________________ Notary Public of the State of _________________________________ My Commission Expires: _________________________Affix Seal CPAE.DOC Page 1 of 1
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