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Waiver Of Bond PBIP12f - Arizona

Waiver Of Bond Form. This is a Arizona form and can be used in Probate Superior Court Maricopa Local County .
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Person Filing: Address (if not protected): City, State, Zip Code: Telephone: Email Address: Lawyer's Bar Number: Licensed Fiduciary Number: _____________________________________ Representing Self, without a Lawyer or Attorney for Petitioner FOR CLERK'S USE ONLY OR Respondent SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA IN MARICOPA COUNTY In the Matter of the Estate of: Case No: WAIVER OF BOND an Adult a Minor, deceased THE UNDERSIGNED PERSON STATES AS FOLLOWS: 1. I am: (check one box) (only if there is no Will) an heir of the decedent's estate without a Will or (only if there is a Will) person named in the decedent's Will. 2. The person who is applying to be the Personal Representative of the estate (name) has estimated that the total value of the estate of the person who died is $ 3. . I waive any and all bond in connection with his or her appointment as Personal Representative. I ask that the court not require any bond in this proceeding. Signature STATE OF COUNTY OF Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me this: (date) . by (notary seal) © Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WAV Deputy Clerk or Notary Public PBIP12f 050115 Use only most current version Page 1 of 1 American LegalNet, Inc.
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