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Affidavit For Service By Publication CCG-0013 - Illinois

Affidavit For Service By Publication Form. This is a Illinois form and can be used in General Cook Local County .
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2803 Affidavit for Service by Publication 2807 Affidavit for Service by Posting IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS (Rev. 10/19/01) CCG 0013 __________________________________________________ v. No. ____________________________ __________________________________________________ AFFIDAVIT FOR SERVICE BY (check one) q PUBLICATION q POSTING Pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/2-206 -service by publication: affidavit; mailing certificate Pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/9-107 (Constructive Service) ____________________________________________________________________, Defendant 1. Defendant (check ONE of the following): on oath states as to that: _______________________________________________________________________ q q q q resides outside the state; has gone out of the state; cannot be found after diligent inquiry; is concealed within the state; therefore, process cannot be served upon defendant. 2. Defendant's place of residence is (check ONE of the following): q (Address) ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ (City) (State) (Zip) q cannot be ascertained after diligent inquiry. His/Her last known place of residence is: (Address) ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ (City) (State) (Zip) Affiant: ___________________________________ Subscribed and sworn to before me this ______________ day of Atty. No.: _______________ Name: ___________________________, _______ ____________________________ _____________________________________ Attorney for: ________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ City/State/Zip: _______________________________ Telephone: __________________________________ Print This Form Notary Public: DOROTHY BROWN, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS For your protection and privacy, please press the Clear This Form button after you have printed the form. Clear This Form
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