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Docketing Statement COC-AP-35 - Ohio

Docketing Statement Form. This is a Ohio form and can be used in Appeals Division Clerk Of Courts Franklin County (Court Of Common Pleas) .
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Print TENTH DISTRICT COURT OF APPEALS DOCKETING STATEMENT _________________________________ vs. _________________________________ THIS APPEAL SHOULD BE ASSIGNED TO: __ The regular calendar __ The accelerated calendar for the reasons checked: ___ 1. No transcript required. ___ 2. Transcript consists of 50 or fewer pages, or it is of such length that its preparation and time will not be a source of delay. ___ 3. An agreed statement will be submitted within 20 days. ___ 4. Administrative hearing record was filed with the trial court. ___ 5. All parties to this appeal agree to an assignment to the accelerated calendar. Case No. ________________ Although the appeal meets one or more of the reasons for being assigned to the accelerated calendar, it should not be assigned to the accelerated calendar because: ___ 1. Brief in excess of 30 pages [see Loc.R. 7 (8)] is necessary to set forth adequately the facts and argue the issues in the case. ___ 2. Appeal concerns unique issue of law that will be of substantial precedential value in determination of similar cases. ___ 3. ________________________________________________________________________________ (QUESTIONS 1 THROUGH 4 APPLY TO ALL APPEALS) 1. Is this a premature appeal filed after the decision (or sentence) but before any entry of judgment? See App.R. 4(A) and (B). [ ] Yes [ ] No 2. Is a copy of an order of the transcript from the court reporter filed herewith? [ ] Yes [ ] No An App.R. 9C statement will be filed [ ] An App.R. 9D statement will be filed [ ] 3. Will the court reporter complete and file the transcript within 40 days? (20 days if on and accelerated calendar?) [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Not Applicable If not, to what date is an extension requested? _______________ Is a properly supported motion for extension being filed? [ ] Yes [ ] No 4. Will the appellant's brief be filed after transmittal of record on appeal? (15 days if on an accelerated calendar?) [ ] Yes [ ] No If not, to what date is an extension requested? _________________ Is a properly supported motion for extension being filed? [ ] Yes [ ] No (QUESTIONS 5 THROUGH 15 APPLY TO CIVIL AND ADMINISTRATIVE APPEALS ONLY) 5. Did the judgment or order dispose of all claims by and against all parties? [ ] Yes [ ] No If not, does the judgment or order include and express determination that there is "no just reason for delay?" See Civ.R. 54(B). [ ] Yes [ ] No American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com 6. Has an appeal in this trial court case been previously filed with this court? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, what is the prior appellate court case number? __________________ 7. Nature of Case: [ ] Administrative Appeal [ ] Contract [ ] Declaratory Judgment [ ] Domestic Relations [ ] Juvenile [ ] Medical Malpractice [ ] Personal Injury [ ] Probate [ ] Other--please specify _______________________________ 8. Is this appeal from an order of the trial court that grants or denies the adoption of a minor child or grants or denies determination of parental rights? [ ] Yes [ ] No 9. Has counsel for appellant changed on appeal? [ ] Yes [ ] No 10. Do you know of any other case(s) pending before this court or recently decided by this court that raises the same issue or issues? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, please cite the case numbers(s)__________________________________ 11. Have the parties to this appeal previously been parties to a appeal filed in this court? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, please cite the case numbers _______________________________________________________________ 12. Does the appeal turn on an interpretation or application on a particular case(s) or statute(s)? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, please cite the cases or statutes ______________________________________________________________ 13. How would you characterize the extent of your settlement discussions prior to judgment? [ ] None [ ] Minimal [ ] Moderate [ ] Extensive 14. Have settlement discussions taken place since the judgment or order appealed from was entered? [ ] Yes [ ] No 15. Would a pre-hearing "settlement" conference be of any assistance to the resolution of this matter? [ ] Yes [ ] No Please explain (optional) _________________________________________________________________________ 16. Briefly summarize the assignments of error presently anticipated to be raised on appeal, unless a statement of the assignments of error has been filed with the clerk of the trial court pursuant to App.R. 9(B). (Attach a separate sheet if necessary.) ___________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________ Appellant or Attorney for Appellant ______________________________________ Supreme Court Registration Number NOTICE: THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF A PRE-HEARING CONFERENCE IS TO ENCOURAGE THE PARTIES TO EXPLORE ANY POSSIBILITIES FOR SETTLEMENT OF THE CASE BEFORE INCURRING ADDITIONAL EXPENSES OR, IF THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE, TO LIMIT THE ISSUES. LOC.R.4(F) PROVIDES THAT THIS COURT MAY ASSESS REASONABLE EXPENSES, INCLUDING ATTORNEY FEES, ASSESS ALL OR A PORTION OF THE APPELLATE COSTS, OR DISMISS THE APPEAL FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH PROVISIONS OF THIS RULE. Reset American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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