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Order For Revival Of Judgment JDF 125 - Colorado

Order For Revival Of Judgment Form. This is a Colorado form and can be used in Garnishment Statewide .
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District Court County Court ________________________County, Colorado Court Address: Plaintiff(s):______________________ COURT USE ONLY v. Case Number: Defendant(s):_______________________ Division: Courtroom: ORDER FOR REVIVAL OF JUDGMENT This Matter comes before the Court on the Judgment Creditor's Motion for Revival of Judgment, pursuant to Rule 54(h) or 354(h) of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure. Following review of the Motion and Response, if applicable, the Court orders the following: It is hereby ordered that the Judgment amount that remains unsatisfied in the amount of $ and against (name) be revived. The revived Judgment may be enforced and made a lien in the same manner and for like period as the original Judgment. Date: __________________________________ ______________________________________ Judge Magistrate CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that on ________________________ (date), I Order to the following address: e-filed, hand-delivered or mailed a copy of this To: Judgment Creditor and/or Judgment Creditor's Attorney _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Clerk JDF 125 R3/14 ORDER FOR REVIVAL OF JUDGMENT © 2014 Colorado Judicial Department for use in the Courts of Colorado American LegalNet, Inc.
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