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Uniform Classification Of Goods And Services 604 - Michigan

Uniform Classification Of Goods And Services Form. This is a Michigan form and can be used in Trademark Service Mark And Insignias Corporation Division Secretary Of State .
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C&S 604 ( Rev. 12/03) UNIFORM CLASSIFICATION OF GOODS The following general classes of goods are established by Act 242, Michigan Public Acts of 1969, as amended. Class 1. RAW OR PARTLY PREPARED MATERIALS. This class includes materials and articles in natural, unfinished or untreated condition. Examples: Animal pelts Charcoal and solid fuels including logs Fibers and filaments (natural and synthetic) Hides Ivory Junk, scrap Leather and imitation leather Live animals including insects Live fowl and hatching eggs Ore, clay, gravel, sand, rock Packing material, hair, excelsior, etc. Plastic sheets, rods, tubes, powders, etc. Resins (synthetic or natural) Rubber (synthetic or natural) Seeds Straw, sawdust, shavings, etc. Class 2. RECEPTACLES This class includes articles for receiving merchandise therein or thereon. Examples: Baskets, buckets, jugs Boxes, trays, canisters and cans Gas cylinders Jars (other than glass), tubes, capsules (empty) Molded plastic ware Spools and reels (except special machine parts or fishing equipment) Class 3. BAGGAGE, ANIMAL EQUIPMENTS, PORTFOLIOS AND POCKETBOOKS. This class includes luggage and leathergoods for carrying articles; animal equipment of the household pet and equine type. Examples: Duffel bags, knitting bags Harness, saddles, leashes, collars, animal blankets Horseshoes Luggage of all kinds including briefcases and trunks Wallets, purses, handbags American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Class 4. ABRASIVES AND POLISHING MATERIALS. This class includes substances used for surfacing and finishing materials by abrasive action; compositions which produce luster by rubbing or burnishing. Examples: Abrasive cleaners Abrasive papers Belts Blast abrasives Cloths Discs Flexible and inflexible abrasives Floor and furniture oils Floor waxes Grains Grinding wheels Grindstones Hones, etc. Metal polish Natural and artificial abrasives Pads Polishing abrasive compounds Polishing and buffing wheels Polishing and cleaning preparation combined Polishing waxes Powders Shoe polish Steel wool Valve grinding compounds Class 5. ADHESIVES. This class includes compositions or materials for binding two or more surfaces or articles. Examples: Adhesive sizes Asphalt tile cement Combination of an adhesive with a backing or reinforcement tape or strip or paper, cloth, cellulose acetate or similar material Gasket cement Glues Mucilages Paste Rubber cement Class 6. CHEMICALS AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITIONS. This class includes chemicals, compounds, compositions and uses thereof. Examples: Accelerators, retarders, pigments and compounds for use as air-entraining agents Carbon compounds, fatty acids, etc. Chemical compositions from which a metal is deposited by electro or chemical deposition American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Chemical elements, compounds and mixtures Dressings, leather dressings, brake-band dressing, etc. Industrial chemicals Rust preventative agents Scale and rust inhibitors for radiators and cooling systems Sizing agents, such as paper size and textile sizing agents Surface active agents such as wetting, dispersing, penetrating and emulsifying agents Textile auxiliary agents, photographic chemicals, dyes, pigments, preservatives, chemical indicators, catalysts, antifreeze compositions, room deodorants, etc. Class 7. CORDAGE. This class includes anything used to tie. Examples: Clothes line cord Rope, twine, string Slings of wire or rope Tow ropes Wire rope, cable Class 8. SMOKERS ARTICLES. This class includes all forms of smoker's supplies except tobacco. Examples: Ash trays (all forms, glass, metal, plastic) Cigarette cases, pouches, humidors Cigarette paper Lighters, flints and wicks Pipes, pipe racks, cleaners and holders Class 9. EXPLOSIVES, FIREARMS, EQUIPMENT AND PROJECTILES. This class includes all forms of ordnance supplies and equipment, small sporting arms and parts. Examples: Blasting caps, detonators Bombs Explosive signals and flares Fireworks, dynamite Gun sights (non-optical) Class 10. FERTILIZERS. This class includes compositions or materials which fertilize the soil or regulate the growth or plants. Examples: Guano, superphosphate, compost Manures, limes Natural or synthetic materials as plant foods Nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers Plant growth regulators, auxins, plant hormones, phytohormone American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Soil conditioners for direct or indirect improvement Class 11. INKS AND INKING MATERIALS. This class includes inks and compositions used in the transfer of inks. Examples: Carbon paper, typewriter ribbons Duplicating fluid India ink, duplicating ink, etching ink Inked carriers, ribbon, paper, stamp pads Class 12. CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS. This class includes any and all forms of materials and structural elements used in construction of roads, dams, buildings, bridges, hangars, pools and the like. Examples: Cement, concrete, aggregate, plaster, macadam Doors, gratings, railings, ornamental iron Forms, angles Glass windows, glass brick, glazing compounds, jalousies Insulating material, battens, waterproofing and calking Lumber, plywood, plaster board, fiberboard, brick, block stone Panels, partitions Prefabricated buildings Roofing, shingles, asbestos paper, fillers, sealers, flashing, guttering, spouting, culverts Screen, louvers, poles Class 13. HARDWARE, PLUMBING AND STEAM-FITTING SUPPLIES. This class includes all hardware and plumbing supplies and equipment. Examples: Cabinet hardware, store fixture parts Child's training seats Key rings, sewer plugs Nails, screws, nuts bolts Pipe, conduit, couplings, fittings, valves Sinks, lavatories, tubs, toilets and parts Wire cloth, metal fencing, barbed wire Class 14. METALS, METAL CASTINGS AND FORGINGS. This class includes formed metals by the casting or shaping processes. Examples: Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and nickel products in strip, sheet, wire, powder, rod, cast, forged, or tube form Die steel Railroad rails Sheet steel, iron and iron alloys Sintered metal castings American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Class 15. OILS AND GREASES. This class includes lubricants; fuels; and other oil derivatives. Examples: Gasoline, kerosene, penetrating oils Lubricants and greases Naphtha, fuel oils Class 16. PROTECTIVE AND DECORATIVE COATINGS. This class includes compositions which produce a film or coating for protecting and/or decorating the surface of a material or article. Examples: Paint pigments, vehicles, extenders, thinners and drying
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