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Petition-Citation-Decree For Sale Of Personal Estate By Guardian-Conservator For Investment A.C. 79 - Massachusetts

Petition-Citation-Decree For Sale Of Personal Estate By Guardian-Conservator For Investment Form. This is a Massachusetts form and can be used in Sale Of Real Estate Probate And Family Court Bristol County .
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YOU MUST READ AND AGREE TO THE UNIFORM PRACTICES OF PROBATE COURTS BEFORE YOU CAN CONTINUE. PRACTICE XXXIII. STANDARDS FOR COMPUTER GENERATED FORMS I. Use. The use of computer generated forms is hereby permitted, except where the Court blank is a multi-part form, such as wage assignments, Chapter 209A family abuse forms, cassette copy requests forms, etc. Registers may reject any forms which fail to comply with these standards. In the event that a Register deems a submitted form to be outside these standards, such determination will be reviewed by the Administrative office at the request of Counsel. II. Specifications. A. Paper. Twenty pound, alkaline paper shall be used for all computer generated forms. Alkaline paper is specified to ensure archival quality and permanence. B. Printing. All computer generated forms shall be printed with "letter quality" or "near letter quality" output. "Draft" quality output from a nine pin dot matrix printer is not acceptable. C. Paper Size. With any pin feeds removed the dimensions of the paper used to print the computer generated forms shall be the same as those of the official form. D. Paper and Ink Color. A computer generated form shall be printed on the same color paper with the same color ink as the official form. E. Pagination and Punching. The computer generated form shall be printed on both sides of a single sheet of paper where the official form is so printed to insure that the computer generated form has the same page arrangement as the official form. The computer generated form shall duplicate any hole punching that is on the official form. F. Page Content. Each page of the computer generated form shall contain the same information grouped in the same subsections listed in the same order with the same numerical headings as each page of the official form. G. Page Format. The computer generated form shall approximately match the spacing, centering, indentation, margin width and print size of the official form so that the computer generated form reproduces as closely as possible the appearance of the official form. H. Entries. On the computer generated form the entries of information by the party submitting the form shall be highlighted by either underlining the information entered or by printing it in boldface letters. The computer generated form shall provide blank line for the entry of information by the court where such lines are American LegalNet, Inc. provided on the official form. I. Identification of the Computer Generated Form. A computer generated form shall bear the initials "c.g.f." in its lower right hand corner to signify that it is a computer generated form. III. Consequences of Failing to Follow These Guidelines. The Probate and Family Court Department reserves the right to reject any computer generated form which does not meet the standards set forth above. It is the responsibility of the submitting party to insure that the form adheres to the above standards. A computer generated form which does not comply with the above standards may be rejected by the register, subject to appeal to the Administrative Office. If the form is rejected the submitting party shall forfeit the filing fee. The submitting party's attorney shall not be allowed to pass this cost on to his/her client, but shall bear the financial burden personally. Accordingly, the submitting party's attorney shall either reimburse the client for the forfeited fee or the attorney shall personally pay the filing fee when he/she re-files the form. - Uniform Probate Practice XXXIII ____________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS for Form A.C. 79 - Petition-Citation-Decree for Sale of Personal Estate by Guardian/Conservator for Investment: ____________________________________________________________ 1. Form MUST be printed on bonded, acid free paper. 2. Second page MUST be printed on back of first page, and fourth page MUST be printed on back of third page. American LegalNet, Inc. A. C.79 COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS TO THE HONORABLE THE JUDGES OF THE PROBATE COURT IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF BRISTOL: RESPECTFULLY represents guardian conservator of the property of of in the County of minor - mentally ill person - spendthrift - having a - no - wife - husband - whose name is that said ward interested in certain real estate situated in in the County of , described as follows: - that an advantageous offer for the purchase of said real estate has been made to the petitioner in the sum of dollars; that the interest of all parties concerned will be best promoted by the acceptance of said offer - that it will be for the benefit of said ward that h interest therein be sold, and the proceeds thereof put out on interest, or invested in some productive stock, for the reason that The United States Veterans Administration - is - not a party in interest to this petition. I hereby certify that the estate of said ward - does not - exceed $1,000 in value. conservator pray guardian, Wherefore said may be licensed to sell and convey the same, - at private sale in accordance that he with said offer, or upon such terms as may be adjudged best, - at public auction; - And that he may become the purchaser of said real estate. day of , 20 Dated this . The undersigned, being all persons interested, hereby assent to the foregoing petition. The undersigned - Department of Mental Health - Board of Public Welfare of assent to the foregoing petition. 3P- 340 American LegalNet, Inc. bcpfc - c.g.f. COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS BRISTOL, ss PROBATE COURT To all persons interested in the estate of of spendthrift - person under conservatorship. in said County, minor mentally ill person - A petition has been presented to said Court for license to sell at - private sale - public auction - certain real estate of said for investment. - and praying that the petitioner may become the purchaser of said real estate. If you desire to object thereto you or your attorney should file a written appearance in said before ten o'clock in the forenoon on the Court at , 20 day of , the return day of this citation. Witness, ERNEST ROTENBERG, Esquire, First Judge of said Court, this day of , 20 . Register. It is ordered that notice of said proceeding be given by delivering or mailing by registered or certified mail a copy of the foregoing citation to all persons interested fourteen days at least before said return day; and, if serv
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