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Notice Of Probate P-6 - New York

Notice Of Probate Form. This is a New York form and can be used in Probate Surrogates Court Statewide .
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SURROGATE'S COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------X PROBATE PROCEEDING, W ILL OF a/k/a Deceased. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------X No tice is hereb y given th at: 1. The W ill dated , (and Codicil dated NOTICE OF PROBATE (SCPA 1409) File N o. ) ) of the above named decedent, domiciled (and Codicil dated at Coun ty of , New York, . whose has bee n/will be offered for proba te in the Surrogate's Court for the Cou nty of 2. The nam e (s) of proponent (s) of said W ill is/are address(es) is/are 3. The nam e and post office address of each person named or referred to in the petition who has not been served or has not appeared, or waived servic e of process, w ith a sta tem ent wh eth er such person is nam ed or referred to in the w ill as legate e, devisee , trustee, guardian or s ubs titute or s ucc ess or ex ecu tor, trus tee or gua rdian, and as to any such person who is an infant or an incompetent, the name and post office address of a person upon whom service of process may be made on behalf of such infant or incompetent, is as follows: N AM E MAILING ADDRESS NATURE OF INTEREST OR STATUS (USE AD DITION AL SHE ETS IF N ECES SARY) Date , 20 [Note: Complete Affidavit of Mailing. If serving infant 14 years of age or older, list and mail to infant as well as parent or g uardian.] Na m e of A ttorne y: Addres s of A ttorne y: Te l. No: P-6 (10/96) -1American LegalNet, Inc. AFFIDAVIT OF MAILING NOTICE OF PROBATE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ) ) ss.: ) , residing at being duly sworn, says that he/she is over the age of 18 years, that on the day of 20 , , he/she deposited in the post office box regularly maintained by the government of the United States in the of , State of New York, a copy of the foregoing Notice of Probate contained in a securely closed postpaid wrapper directed to each of the persons named in said notice at the places set opposite their respective names. Sworn to be fore me this day of Signature , 20 Print Name Notary Public Commission Expires: (Affix Notary Stamp or Seal) Na m e of A ttorne y: Addres s of A ttorne y: Te l. No: -2American LegalNet, Inc.
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