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Petition Violation Of Court Order GF-8a - New York

Petition Violation Of Court Order Form. This is a New York form and can be used in General Family Court Statewide .
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Note: This form is not to be used for violations of orders of child support issued pursuant to Articles 4, 5 or 5-B or orders of disposition issued pursuant to Articles 3, 7 or 10 of the Family Court Act. FAMILY COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ............................................................................. In the Matter of a Proceeding under Article of the Family Court Act Petitioner, - against Respondent. General Form 8a (Petition-Violation of Court Order) 4/2011 Docket No. PETITION (Violation of Court Order) .............................................................................. . WARNING: THE PURPOSE OF THE HEARING REQUESTED IN THIS PETITION IS TO PUNISH [Specify name]: FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT, WHICH MAY INCLUDE SANCTIONS OF A FINE OR IMPRISONMENT OR BOTH. YOUR FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT MAY RESULT IN YOUR IMMEDIATE ARREST AND IMPRISONMENT FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT. TO THE FAMILY COURT: The undersigned Petitioner Respondent respectfully shows that: 1. a. Petitioner, , [check applicable box]: resides is located at [specify address or indicate if ordered to be kept confidential pursuant to Family Court Act §154-b(2) or Domestic Relations Law §254]: b. Respondent , , [check applicable box]: resides is located at [specify address or indicate if ordered to be confidential, pursuant to Family Court Act §154-b(2) or Domestic Relations Law §254]: 2. .By order of this Court, dated to , , the Petitioner Respondent was directed 3. (Upon information and belief) a. Court in that [specify]: Petitioner Respondent has failed to obey the Order of this b. This failure was was not willful. 4. The following child(ren) (is)(are) the subject(s) of the proceeding resulting in the issuance of American LegalNet, Inc. General Form 8a the Order alleged to have been violated : Name Date of Birth Address1 Page 2 5. of Petitioner Respondent has defeated, impaired, impeded or prejudiced the rights or remedies Petitioner Respondent , in that [specify]: 6. No previous application has been made to any court or judge for the relief herein requested (except [specify;]: WHEREFORE, Petitioner Respondent that the accordance with applicable provisions of law. Dated: Signature of Petitioner Respondent Petitioner Respondent be dealt with in Print or type name Signature of Attorney, if any Attorney's Name (Print or Type) Attorney's Address and Telephone Number VERIFICATION STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ) ):SS.: ) being duly sworn, says that (s)he is the Petitioner Respondent in the above-named proceeding and that the foregoing petition is true to (his) (her) own knowledge, except as to matters therein stated to be alleged on information and belief and as to those matters (s)he believes it to be true. Petitioner Sworn to before me this day of . (Deputy) Clerk of the Court Notary Public Respondent Unless the Court has ordered the address to be confidential on the ground that disclosure would pose an unreasonable health or safety risk. See Family Court Act §154-b; Form 21, 21a (on-line at American LegalNet, Inc. 1
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