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Application For Waiver Or Modification Of CLE Requirement - New York

Application For Waiver Or Modification Of CLE Requirement Form. This is a New York form and can be used in Attorney Admission And Continuing Legal Education Attorneys Statewide .
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New York State Continuing Legal Education Board 25 Beaver Street, Room 888, New York, NY 10004 · Phone: (212) 428-2105 W eb site: · E-m ail: cleoffice@ APPLICATION FOR (check one) [ ] WAIVER or [ ] MODIFICATION OF CLE REQUIREMENT IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All members of the NYS Bar are presumed to be practicing law in New York. If you did not practice law in New York, were retired or on full-time active military duty during: (1) all of your CLE reporting cycle, you may be exempt from the CLE requirement; or (2) part of your CLE reporting cycle, you may have a prorated CLE requirement. Go to: and/or see section 1500.5(b) of the CLE Program Rules for more information. You should apply for a waiver or modification of your CLE requirement only if you determine that you are not exempt and have not completed your CLE requirement in a timely manner. ** SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BY ONLY ONE METHOD (E-MAIL OR MAIL). FAXES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.** The CLE Board may grant a waiver or modification of the CLE requirement based upon undue hardship or extenuating circumstances. Please note that waivers or modifications do not exempt you from the responsibility of filing your Attorney Registration form in a timely manner and paying the required fee. Check one: [ ] Ms. [ ] Mr. Name: Street Address: City/State/Zip: E-mail: Telephone: Date of Birth: Attorney Registration #: Date Admitted to the New York Bar: [ ] Yes [ ] No CLE OFFICE USE Have you been practicing law in another jurisdiction for at least five of the last seven years? CLE reporting cycle for which you are seeking a waiver/modification: ________________________________________________________ On the next page, please provide the information requested in support of your request for a waiver or modification. Your application w ill not be processed w ithout this inform ation. Signature: Date: The CLE Board's determination is as follows: [ ] Waiver is granted [ ] Waiver is denied:___________________ [ ] Modification is granted as follows: You may_________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ [ ] You may complete your newly admitted CLE requirement with transitional nontraditional format courses. [ ] You may apply the ______ CLE credits already earned in full satisfaction of your CLE requirement. [ ] W aiver or Modification m ay not be needed since you m ay be EXEMPT, as you indicated that throughout ALL of the CLE reporting cycle (noted above) you: [ ] did not practice law in New York (see attached explanation of possible CLE exem ption.); [ ] w ere retired from the practice of law in New York; or [ ] w ere a full-tim e active m em ber of the U.S. m ilitary. (See section 1500.5(b) of the Program Rules regarding exem ptions from CLE.) The CLE Program Rules are available on our w ebsite at: http://w w rules.pdf [ ] Extension Granted [ ] retroactively [ ] w ith W aiver or Modification [ ] instead of W aiver or Modification. You must complete your CLE requirement for the relevant CLE reporting cycle (noted above), by the following date:_________________________________________ (For Newly Admitted Attorneys only: [ ] Year 1 [ ] Year 2 ) [ ] Attorney Registration CLE Update Form is attached. If you have already subm itted your Attorney Registration Form , please com plete the appropriate certification on the attached CLE Update Form and return it to the address on the form once you fulfill your CLE requirem ent, determ ine that you are exem pt or are granted a w aiver or m odification of your CLE requirem ent. For Office Use Only: Page 1 of 2 Date: September 2014 American LegalNet, Inc. APPLICATION FOR (check one) [ ] WAIVER or [ ] MODIFICATION OF THE CLE REQUIREMENT In the space below, please describe the circumstances that prompted your request for a waiver or modification. Please also list the courses you have taken, including the number and categories of credit, and include any other relevant information. (Please do not submit your certificates of attendance unless specifically requested to do so.) UNDUE HARDSHIP OR EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES THAT HAVE PROMPTED YOUR REQUEST: LIST OF CLE COURSES TAKEN, INCLUDING NUMBER AND CATEGORIES OF CLE CREDIT COMPLETED: OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION: Please subm it your com pleted application by either sending it as an e-m ail attachm ent to: cleoffice@ OR by m ailing the application to: New York State CLE Board, 25 Beaver Street, Room 888, New York, NY 10004. FAXED applications are NOT accepted. This application w ill be returned to you (either by e-m ail or regular m ail to the address you provided above) w ith the CLE Board's determ ination indicated at the bottom of page 1. You m ust retain this docum ent w ith your other CLE records for at least four (4) years in case of a CLE com pliance audit. Page 2 of 2 September 2014 American LegalNet, Inc.
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