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Claim For Refund Of Property Taxes - California

Claim For Refund Of Property Taxes Form. This is a California form and can be used in Assessor Office Los Angeles Local County .
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COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF AUDITOR-CONTROLLER KENNETH HAHN HALL OF ADMINISTRATION 500 WEST TEMPLE STREET, ROOM 525 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90012-3873 PHONE: (213) 974-8361 FAX: (213) 617-0592 JOHN NAIMO AUDITOR-CONTROLLER ADDRESS ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: PROPERTY TAX SERVICES DIVISION 500 W. TEMPLE ST., ROOM 153 LOS ANGELES, CA 90012-2713 LOS ANGELES COUNTY PROPERTY TAX CLAIM FOR REFUND Step 1: Requestor's name and address (If requestor is an agent, please provide Tax Agent Registration #) Requestor's name Tax Agent Registration # Present mailing address (number and street) City, town or post office, state, ZIP code Phone (area code and number) Step 2: Describe the property Owner's name Assessor's Identification Number (Mapbook - Page - Parcel) Unsecured Bill Number Year Sequence Tax Rate Area Situs address (number and street) City, town or post office, state, ZIP code Step 3: Did you file an appeal with the Assessment Appeals Board? Step 4: Describe reason for property tax refund Attach additional documents if necessary Step 5: Amount of property tax refund Step 6: Sign the application If yes, what is the assessment appeal application number? Filing date Did you receive a Notice of Board Action? If yes, when? Yes Reason: No NOTE: If you designated your Assessment Appeal Application as a Claim for Refund there is no need to file this application. Tax amount Penalty amount Redemption penalty amount Cost amount Total refund amount Fee amount I hereby certify and declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct that the tax amount sought to be refunded was paid within four years prior to filing this demand; that the amounts herein claimed are correct and no part thereof has heretofore been refunded to this claimant or to any other person for his benefit; and, if acting on behalf of a corporation, that I am duly authorized to act on their behalf, and that the title shown is true and correct. sign here Title (If applicable) Signature Date If this claim is for a company, the person signing must state their title. Step 7: Mail application to: Contact Numbers Customer Service: (213) 974-8368 FAX: (213) 617-0592 Toll free number if calling within Los Angeles County (888) 807-2111 Help Conserve Paper ­ Print Double-Sided "To Enrich Lives Through Effective and Caring Service" American LegalNet, Inc. CLAIM FOR REFUND This claim is to request a refund for "paid" property taxes and/or penalties. This form must be filed with the Auditor-Controller within four years of the date of payment of the property taxes. Should you have any questions, please call (213) 974-8368 or if calling within Los Angeles County call (888) 807-2111. Note: Please complete application completely and accurately; incomplete applications will be returned. 1. Requestor's name and address ­ Provide the name of the person/entity who is requesting the property tax refund, their complete mailing address and their telephone number. If requestor is an agent, please provide the mandatory Tax Agent Registration number. 2. Describe the property ­ Provide the owner's name, the Assessor's Identification Number or Bill number, the year for which you are claiming the property tax refund, the sequence number, the Tax Rate Area and the complete situs address. This information can be found on your Property Tax Bill. 3. Assessment Appeal ­ If your claim for refund is related to an assessment appeal or if your assessment appeal application was designated as a "Claim for Refund" please provide the information related to the assessment appeal and attach copies of the documents you may have received from the Assessment Appeals Board pertaining to the appeal. Note: If you designated your assessment appeal application as a `Claim for Refund'; there is no need to file again. 4. Describe the reason for the property tax refund request ­ Provide a brief narrative of the reason why you are requesting a property tax refund. Attach additional documents to this form if necessary. Providing proof of payment for the relevant property taxes will expedite the property tax refund claim process. Note - Please provide all relevant documents. 5. Amount of property tax refund ­ Indicate the refund amount you are claiming. 6. Sign the application ­ The application must be signed and dated by the requestor. If the requestor is filing on behalf of a company, they must state their title. 7. Mail or Fax application to: Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller Property Tax Division Kenneth Hahn Hall of Street, Room 15 California 90012-3552 FAX ­ (213) 617-0592 PLEASE FAX OR MAIL YOUR APPLICATION. DO NOT DO BOTH AS THIS WILL DELAY THE PROCESSING OF YOUR CLAIM. TO REQUEST A CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT OF YOUR CLAIM FOR REFUND, PLEASE ENCLOSE A SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE. Help Conserve Paper ­ Print Double-Sided "To Enrich Lives Through Effective and Caring Service" American LegalNet, Inc.
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