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UCC-11 Information Request (California) UCC-11 - California

UCC-11 Information Request (California) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Uniform Commercial Code Secretary Of State .
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INFORMATION REQUEST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS (front and back) CAREFULLY A. NAME & PHONE OF CONTACT FILING OFFICE ACCT # B. RETURN TO: (Name and Address) THIS SPACE FOR FILING OFFICER USE ONLY 1. DEBTOR NAME to which this request relates ­ insert only one debtor name (1a or 1b) ­ do not abbreviate or combine names 1a. ORGANIZATION NAME 1b. INDIVIDUAL LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME SUFFIX 2. INFORMATION OPTIONS RELATING TO UCC FILINGS AND OTHER NOTICES FILED IN FILING OFFICE THAT INCLUDE AS A DEBTOR THE NAME IDENTIFIED IN ITEM 1 For 2a and 2b, mark this box to request a Search that is COMPLETE to include lapsed and unlapsed filings. UNLESS MARKED, SEARCH MAY BE INCOMPLETE. 2a. SEARCH RESPONSE with copies of ALL records found. Please CERTIFY all copies (additional $5.00 fee per record). 2b. 2c. SEARCH RESPONSE only. COPIES ONLY. Please complete the information below, as appropriate. For UCC3 records, include the type of UCC3 and corresponding filing date. File Number # of copies # of Certified copies (add'l fee applies) File Date (use for UCC3 only) Filing Type ­ Financing Statement, Cont., Term., Assign., Amend. 3. CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE OFFERS THESE ADDITIONAL SEARCHING OPTIONS - (Please see instructions): 3a. 3b. 3c. SEARCH TO REFLECT ­ Please run the search after the filing document accompanying this request has been filed. SEARCH LIMITED TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS: SEARCH LIMITED FROM THIS DATE: _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 4. 4a. DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS Pick Up (Only if request was originally delivered to our Public Counter) Other: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Specify desired method; Completed prepaid airbill and packaging must accompany this request, if applicable. _ 4b. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FILING OFFICER COPY ­ NATIONAL INFORMATION REQUEST (FORM UCC 11)) (Rev5/09/01) CA Secretary of State (REV. 9/1/02) INSTRUCTIONS FOR INFORMATION REQUEST (FORM UCC 11) Please type or laser-print this form. Be sure it is completely legible. Read all instructions. Follow instructions completely. Fill in form very carefully; mistakes may have important legal consequences. If you have questions, consult your attorney. The filing office cannot give legal advice. Do not insert anything in the open space in the upper portion of this form; it is reserved for filing office use. When properly completed, send form together with a separate, clearly marked SEARCH copy, with required fee, to the filing office. A. To assist filing office communication with requestor, the information in item A may be provided. This item is optional. B. Enter name and mailing address of requestor in item B. This item is REQUIRED. 1. Debtor Name to which this request relates: Enter only one debtor name in item 1, EITHER an organization's name (1a) or an individual's name (1b). The name entered is the name used to produce a search report. It is recommended that the search be requested against the EXACT LEGAL DEBTOR NAME. The filing office will conduct the search under the name given in either Item 1a or 1b. **The information for 1a and 1b is offered as a guide for completing this form using the EXACT LEGAL DEBTOR NAME. There may be records on file in which the Exact Legal Debtor Name was not used. You may wish to submit a separate UCC11 for each possible name variation. 1a. Organization Debtor: "Organization" means an entity having a legal identity separate from its owner. A partnership is an entity; a sole proprietorship is not an organization, even if it does business under a trade name. If a debtor is a partnership, enter exact full legal name of the partnership. If debtor is a registered organization (e.g., corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company), it is advisable to examine Debtor's current filed charter documents to determine Debtor's correct name. For both Organization and Individual Debtors: Do not use Debtor's trade name, DBA, AKA, FKA, DIVISION name, etc. in place of or combined with Debtor's legal name (i.e., DO NOT use "Simpson Motor Inc. DBA Cornelia Car City.) Search results in response to such a search request may not reveal financing statements on file that correctly use the legal name of the debtor. 1b. Individual Debtor: "Individual" means a natural person, this includes a sole proprietorship, whether or not operating under a trade name. Do not use prefixes (Mr., Mrs., and Ms.). Use suffix box only for title of lineage (Jr., Sr., III) and not for other suffixes or title (e.g., MD, CPA). Use married woman's personal name (Mary Smith, not Mrs. John Smith). Enter individual debtor's family name (surname) in Last Name box, first given name in First Name box, and all additional given names in Middle Name box. Information Options: For 2a and 2b, mark this box to receive a search response that is complete and includes lapsed and unlapsed filings. Unless marked, the search may be incomplete. To request a SEARCH, choose either: 2a -This option results in a complete search at ANY ADDRESS and includes copies of all the filings reflected on the search response. Searches include unlapsed and lapsed filings. Mark the certify box to receive certified copies. Please enclose a $5.00 fee for each copy certified. 2b - This options will result in a search response with no copies. 3a - The search report will not be produced until the accompanying document and all other documents received on that day have been filed and can be certified. 3b - Limits the debtor search to a specific street address. Please indicate a complete address. This filing office does not offer searches by CITY. 3c - Limits the debtor search to a specific date range. Please indicate the starting date to be searched. To request COPIES, choose: 2c - Complete the grid for each specific record to be copied. The UCC1 file number must be referenced. There is a limit of 10 file numbers per UCC11. Complete the grid as instructed on the form. 4. Requests will be returned by mail to the party indicated in Item B, unless otherwise requested. Please enclose the appropriate fees. If the exact amount is not known, you may enclose either a blank check payable to the Secretary of State or a check with the notation "Not to exceed $___" (usually $35.00 is sufficient). Once the exact fees h
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