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Loan Release Agreement For Tools And Equipment BWC-2957 - Ohio

Loan Release Agreement For Tools And Equipment Form. This is a Ohio form and can be used in Medical Providers Workers Comp .
 Fillable pdf Last Modified 9/7/2010
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Loan/Release Agreement for Tools and Equipment Instructions · Pleaseprintortype. · MCO rep:Followthedistributionlistatthebottom. Injuredworkername Address City State Claimnumber Nine-digitZIPcode Description of tool or equipment QTY Cost Date item loaned Date item returned Date item released A B C D E F G I,theinjuredworker,understandthatBWCisloaningtheitemsabovetome,andtheywillremainthepropertyofBWCuntilreleasedtomeinwriting.I understandBWCmayrequiremetoreplacelostordamageditems,unlessthedamageisduetonormalwearandtear. TheMCOrepresentativewillcompletethisRelease statement,andtransfertheseitemstomeafter90daysofemployment.Iagreetoreturntheseitems totheMCOrepresentativeifthisemploymentisnotmaintainedforninety90days. Loan agreement Ihavereceivedtheabovedescribeditem(s)frommyMCOrepresentative. Injuredworkersignature AuthorizedMCOrepresentativesignature Date Date Return statement Theabovedescribeditem(s)willbereturnedtoBWCbymyMCOrepresentative. Injuredworkersignature AuthorizedMCOrepresentativesignature MCO Release statement Theabovedescribeditem(s)asindicatedbymysignatureandtoday'sdatewerereleasedtotheinjuredworkerbecauseIdeterminedtheitem(s)would benecessarytobeusedinhis/heremployment.Theinjuredworkerhasremainedemployed90daysafterreturningtoworkasaresultofarehabplan. AuthorizedMCOrepresentativesignature Date Distribution: BWC-2957(Rev.10/30/2009) RH-7 American LegalNet, Inc.
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