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Schedule F Continuation Sheet B6F - Official Federal Forms

Schedule F Continuation Sheet Form. This is a national form and can be used in General Bankruptcy .
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B6F (Official Form 6F) (12/07) - Cont. In re __________________________________________, Debtor Case No. _________________________________ (if known) SCHEDULE F - CREDITORS HOLDING UNSECURED NONPRIORITY CLAIMS (Continuation Sheet) HUSBAND, WIFE, JOINT, OR COMMUNITY UNLIQUIDATED CONTINGENT CODEBTOR (See instructions above.) ACCOUNT NO. ACCOUNT NO. ACCOUNT NO. ACCOUNT NO. ACCOUNT NO. DISPUTED $ $ CREDITOR'S NAME, MAILING ADDRESS INCLUDING ZIP CODE, AND ACCOUNT NUMBER DATE CLAIM WAS INCURRED AND CONSIDERATION FOR CLAIM. IF CLAIM IS SUBJECT TO SETOFF, SO STATE. AMOUNT OF CLAIM Sheet no.___of___ continuation sheets attached to Schedule of Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims Subtotal' Total' (Use only on last page of the completed Schedule F.) (Report also on Summary of Schedules and, if applicable on the Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities and Related Data.) American LegalNet, Inc.
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