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Docketing Statement For Criminal Notice Of Appeal - California

Docketing Statement For Criminal Notice Of Appeal Form. This is a California form and can be used in First Appellate District Court Of Appeals .
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FIRST APPELLATE DISTRICT CASE TITLE: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ v. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ COUNTY:__________________________________________________SENTENCING JUDGE:_______________________________ TRIAL COURT CASE NUMBER(S):_________________________________________________________________________________________ A DOCKETING STATEMENT FOR CRIMINAL NOTICE OF APPEAL 1. Name of appellant:________________________________________________________________________________________ (Use separate form for each appellant or petitioner) 2. Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Required if appellant is out of custody) 3. Appellant's date of birth:____/____/____ Alias used by appellant:____________________________________________ 5. Date notice of appeal was filed:____/____/____ 4. Date (pronouncement) of judgment and sentence or order:____/____/____ (Required if not stated on minutes or abstract not available) 6. Crime(s):_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Term:____year(s)____month(s) COMMITMENT: (Check all that apply) STATE PRISON COUNTY JAIL CRC STATE HOSPITAL PROBATION CYA OUT OF CUSTODY OTHER SPECIFY LOCATION:_____________________________________________ 7. Type of proceeding or conviction: (Attach copy of abstract of judgment and/or sentencing minutes or order being appealed) JURY TRIAL COURT TRIAL GUILTY PLEA NOLO PLEA PEOPLE'S APPEAL PROBATION REVOCATION APPEAL OF RESENTENCING PURSUANT TO RECALL OR DECISION ON APPEAL MENTAL HEALTH COMMITMENT APPEALABLE ORDER AFTER JUDGMENT OTHER:_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Name(s) of codefendant(s) or related participant(s): ___________________________________ 9. Status of appeal: (Status of record preparation) severed or not severed ACTIVE (Record in preparation) UNTIMELY (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.308(d).)* NONAPPEALABLE ORDER** INOPERATIVE (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.304(b)(3).)* PREMATURE (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.308(c).)** OTHER/COMMENTS:________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Appellate Case History (Indicate information whenever applicable; if known) This case or an aspect of it is or has been before a California appellate court on appeal or a writ proceeding. There are related appeals, writs or other proceedings pending before the Court of Appeal, First Appellate District. Appellate court case number:______________ Name of Trial Court:_________________________________ Trial Court Case Number:_______________ 11. Court Reporters: (List by last name and CSR number) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Estimated length of clerk's transcript(s): Estimated length of reporter's transcript(s): Under 300 pages Over 2500 Under 300 pages Over 2500 300-800 pages 300-800 pages 800-1500 pages 1500-2500 pages 800-1500 pages 1500-2500 pages Number of trial days:______________ _________________________________________ 13. Name, Address, Telephone Number, and State Bar Number of Trial Counsel: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This docketing statement shall be completed by the clerk of the superior court and forwarded to the Court of Appeal with the notice of appeal. (Ct. App., First Dist., Local Rules of Court, rule 1(b)(1).) revised 1/1/2007 * Send copy of marked notice of appeal and this docketing statement directly to the First District Appellate Project. ** Final determination by the Court of Appeal. American LegalNet, Inc.
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