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Application For Transfer Of Reserved Name UNRR-2 - New Jersey

Application For Transfer Of Reserved Name Form. This is a New Jersey form and can be used in Name Reservations Registrations Secretary Of State .
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UNRR-2 Rev. 1/96 New Jersey Division of Revenue Application for Transfer of Reserved Name Pursuant to the laws of the State of New Jersey, the undersigned hereby transfers to: Transferee Name: Transferee Address: City: All rights in the following name: (Business Name With Designator, ie Corp., Inc., LLC, LP, etc.) State: Zip: Transferor's Name (type): Transferor's Signature: Transferor's Title: **The transferred reservation is effective for the balance of the current 120 day registration period. The transferred reservation may be renewed (prior to the lapse of the 120 day period), transferred or canceled. Date: NJ Division of Revenue, PO Box 308, Trenton, NJ 08646 American LegalNet, Inc. Rev 2/8/06 Instructions for Form UNRR-2 APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF RESERVED NAME STATUTORY FEE: $50 The MANDATORY fields are: Transferee Name List the name of the person to whom the business name is being transferred. Transferee Address List the address. Name List the reserved name being transferred. Include the appropriate designator -- for example, LLC, INC., etc. (must be a current, filed/active, reserved name). Transferor's Name List the name of the person transferring the name. This must be the person listed as the applicant on the current, filed/active, name reservation. ATTESTATIONS Provide a statement that all rights in the name are being transferred. Form UNRR-2 provides the statement. EXECUTION (Transferor's Signature/Date) The transferor must sign and date the application. ********** These documents should be filed in duplicate. Non-profits should file in triplicate. Make checks payable to: TREASURER, STATE OF NEW JERSEY. (No cash, please) Mail to: NJ Division of Revenue, PO Box 308, Trenton, NJ 08646 FAX File: 609.984.6851 (Fax Filing is an optional expedited service subject to processing fees that are in addition to those stated above. For FAX Filing information , visit ) American LegalNet, Inc.
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