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Certificate Of Correction C-152 - New Jersey

Certificate Of Correction Form. This is a New Jersey form and can be used in Amendments And Corrections Secretary Of State .
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C-152 Rev. 3/96 New Jersey Division of Revenue Certificate of Correction (For use by Domestic, Foreign, Profit and Nonprofit Corporations) Check Appropriate Statute: ___ Title 14A:1-6 (5) ___ Title 15A:1-7 (e) New Jersey Business Corporation Act New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act (File in DUPLICATE) (File in TRIPLICATE) CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION OF: Corporation Name: Corporation Number: The undersigned hereby submits for filing a Certificate of Correction executed on behalf of the above named Corporation, pursuant to the provisions of the appropriate Statue, checked above, of the New Jersey Statutes. 1. The Certificate to be corrected is: Date Filed: 2. The inaccuracy in the Certificate is (indicate inaccuracy or defect): Article # 3. The Certificate hereby reads as follows: Signature: Name: Title: (Must be Chairperson of the Board, President or Vice President) Date: NJ Division of Revenue, PO Box 308, Trenton, NJ 08646 American LegalNet, Inc. Rev 7/07/05 Instructions for Form C-152 CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION - PROFIT AND NON-PROFIT (Titles 14A AND 15A) STATUTORY FEE: $10 for-profits; $50 for non-profits The MANDATORY fields are: Statutory Authority Check the appropriate statutory authority ­ Title 14A:1-6(5) for profit corporations; Title 15A:1-7(e) for non-profits Business Name List the name as it appears on the records of the State Treasurer. Number List the ten-digit business ID as it appears on the records of the State Treasurer. Field # 1 -- Document (Certificate) To Be Corrected Note the document to be corrected -- e.g., Certificate of Incorporation, Merger, etc. and the date that it was filed with the State of New Jersey. Field # 2 -- Defect Or Inaccuracy List the article involved and describe the inaccuracy or defect. Field # 3 -- Correction Enter the language that corrects the defect or inaccuracy. EXECUTION (DATE/SIGNATURE) The chairman, president or vice-president must sign. Also, list the date of execution (signature). ********** These documents should be filed in duplicate. Non-profits should file in triplicate. Make checks payable to: TREASURER, STATE OF NEW JERSEY. (No cash, please) Mail to: NJ Division of Revenue, PO Box 308, Trenton, N J 08646 American LegalNet, Inc.
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