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Confirmation Of Marriage Form. This is a Legal Forms form and can be used in Family Related .
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CONFIRMATION OF MARRIAGE _________________________________________ (name and address), Husband, and, _________________________________________ (name and address), Wife declare and agree: The parties were married on ________________, ________ at ____________________________________________________ (name and location); and WHEREAS, it is possible that the marriage may not have complied with all legal requirements; NOW, the parties hereby ratify said marriage to one another, waive any and all of such formalities as may be required by statute and acknowledge that they are legally married and are husband and wife. _________________________ Signature of Husband _________________________ Signature of Wife _________________________ Witness for Husband _________________________ Witness for Wife ____________________ Date ____________________ Date ____________________ Date ____________________ Date STATE OF: ______________________ COUNTY OF: ________________________ Appropriate acknowledgment of: ________________________ Notary Public My commission expires on: 2001 © American LegalNet, Inc.
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