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Extra Work Confirmation Form. This is a Business Forms form and can be used in Construction Management .
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EXTRA WORK CONFIRMATION FROM: (Contractor's Name) (Contractor's Address) (City, State, Zip) (Telephone) PROJECT: (Name) (Address) (City, State, Zip) TO: (Name) (Address) (City, State, Zip) This memorandum confirms the conversation of (date) (contractor or agent) which is not included in our basic contract and is an "extra": (Describe Work Requested) between (owner or agent) and wherein we were instructed to perform the following work on the above project IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT THE METHOD OF COMPUTING PAYMENT WILL BE: (INITIAL ONE ONLY) LUMP SUM: $ (Total amount to be added to the contract price for the cost of the extra work) COST, PLUS PERCENTAGE: In addition to all other amounts payable under the contract, we shall be paid the cost the extra work ( as defined on reverse) plus COST, PLUS FIXED FEE: % overhead % profit (Percent for profit) (Percent for overhead) The price to be paid us for the extra work will be the cost of the extra work (as defined or reverse) plus a fixed fee of $ (Amount of fixed fee) IN ACCORDANCE WITH BASIC CONTRACT: The price to be paid us for performing the extra work shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of our basic contract. IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT THE TIME FOR PAYMENT WILL BE: (INITIAL ONE ONLY) PRIOR TO START OF EXTRA WORK: UPON COMPLETION OF EXTRA WORK: Extra work to be dope when payment actually received by contractor. Payment will be made in full when the extra work has beer satisfactorily completed. PROGRESSIVELY: Payments will be made as the work is done and will made concurrently with payment dates under the basic contract payment schedule. The time of payment for the extra work shall be as provided for in the basic contract. IN ACCORDANCE WITH BASIC CONTRACT: Please advise immediately if this memorandum fails, in any way, to confirm your understanding of the conversation. Date: (Date Confirmation Signed) By: (Signature Of Contractor or Authorized Agent) Firm Name: (Name of Contractor) American LegalNet, Inc. 2001 © American LegalNet, Inc.
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