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Non Profit Corporation Guideline - District Of Columbia

Non Profit Corporation Guideline Form. This is a District Of Columbia form and can be used in Domestic-Nonprofit Corporations Division Secretary Of State .
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DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL LICENSING ADMINISTRATION CORPORATIONS DIVISION Government Of the District of Columbia DCRA Corporations Division P.O. Box 92300 WASHINGTON, D.C. 20090 NOTE: THIS IS ONLY A SPECIMEN FORMAT FOR ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION. YOU MUST DRAFT YOUR OWN ARTICLES ON PLAIN BOND PAPER TO BE SUBMITTED IN DUPLICATE ORIGINALS (TWO COPIES WITH ORIGINAL SIGNATURES OF THE INCORPORATORS) ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF (NAME OF CORPORATION) TO: DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL LICENSING ADMINISTRATION CORPORATIONS DIVISION We, the undersigned natural persons of the age of twenty-one years or more, acting as incorporators of a corporation under the NON-PROFIT CORPORATION ACT (D.C. Code, 2001 edition, Title 29, Chapter 3), adopt the following Articles of Incorporation: FIRST: The name of the corporation is (STATE NAME OF CORPORATION). SECOND: The period of its duration is (STATE PERPETUAL OR A SPECIFIED PERIOD). THIRD: The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized are: (STATE SPECIFIC PURPOSES, I.E., ACTIVITIES OF CORPORATION: GENERAL PURPOSES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE). FOURTH: (1) State whether or not that the corporation shall have members, (2) the number of classes the members shall be divided into, (the names of such) classes, and (3) the qualifications and rights of the members of each class, including the right to vote if pertinent. FIFTH: A statement as to the manner in which directors shall be elected or appointed, if the directors or any of them are not to be elected or appointed by one or more classes of members, or that the manner of such election or appointment of such directors shall be provided in the bylaws. American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com SIXTH: Provisions for (1) the regulation of the internal affairs of the corporation, (2) the manner of the dissolution or final liquidation of the corporation (in which remaining assets of the corporation shall be distributed). SEVENTH: State the address, including street and number of the initial registered office of the corporation and the name of the initial registered agent at such address: IF THE REGISTERED AGENT IS AN INDIVIDUAL, HE/SHE MUST BE A (1) D.C. RESIDENT; IF A CORPORATION THAT CORPORATION MUST BE ON RECORD AND AUTHORIZED TO SERVE AS A REGISTERED AGENT; (2) THE REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS CANNOT BE A POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER). EIGHTH: State that the number of directors constituting the board of directors is, and the names and addresses, including street and number and zip code of the persons who are to serve as directors until the first annual meeting or until their successors are elected are: (List each name with an address) Note: Minimum of three required NINTH: State the name and address, including street and number and zip code, of each incorporators are: Note: Minimum of three required. LIST NAMES OF INCORPORATORS - LIST AN ADDRESS FOR EACH INCORPORATOR. DATE ___________________ I, (NAME NOTARY PUBLIC), A Notary Public, hereby certify that on the __________ Day of _________, 20__ (LIST NAMES OF INCORPORATORS) appeared before me and signed the foregoing document as incorporators, and have averred that the statements therein contained are true. (NOTARY SEAL) _________________________ Please retain a copy for your records, make check payable to The D. C. Treasurer. For General Information Call: The Corporations Division - (202) 442-4432 Please check our corporate website to view organizations required to register, to search business names, to obtain step-by-step guidelines to register an organization, to search registered organizations, and to download forms and documents. Simply log onto our website at www.dcra.dc.gov, click on "Corporate Registrations" and procedure as prompted. To ensure timely and accurate processing of this document, mail all required forms and payment to: American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Corporations Division P.O. Box 92300 Washington, D.C. 20090 For Overnight Delivery send to: Corporate Bank of America Attention: D.C. Government Wholesale Lockbox # 92300 Mail code MD4-301-18-04 18th floor 225 North Calvert Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202
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