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Application And Approval Of Clerk For Admission Pro Hac Vice - Idaho

Application And Approval Of Clerk For Admission Pro Hac Vice Form. This is a Idaho form and can be used in District Court Federal .
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5/06 Form: Pro Hac Vice v. IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT/BANKRUPTCY COURTS FOR THE DISTRICT OF IDAHO ) ) Case No. ) ) APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION ) PRO HAC VICE ) ) ) Fee: $225.00 Pursuant to Local Rule 83.4(e) of the United States District Court for the District of Idaho, , hereby applies for admission pro hac vice to appear and participate in this case on behalf of The applicant hereby attests as follows: 1. Applicant resides in address and phone number , and practices at the following . 2. Applicant has been admitted to practice before the following courts on the following dates: Courts: Dates: 3. Applicant is in good standing and eligible to practice in said courts. 4. Applicant is not currently suspended or disbarred in any other courts. 5. , a member in good standing of the bar of this court, of the firm of , practices at the following office address and phone number: and is hereby designated as co-counsel with authority to act as attorney of record for all purposes. Said designee hereby consents to this designation by signing this application. Dated this Applicant Signed under penalty of perjury. day of , . Designee American LegalNet, Inc.
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